16 October 2008

{worry wart}

i do it everytime. i freak out and then everything is perfectly fine.
as i mentioned yesterday, i had my PE lesson today. now let me remind you. i was already super nervous when i went to bed last night, when i woke up this morning i felt like the majority of that all melted away {thank you jesus! haha} but then i got to the school and walked in the gym doors and the whole obstacle course had been changed and moved around. i wanted to run and hide. but it gets better....come to find out it is MEAP week and the school schedule changed so instead of teaching the 2nd graders that i was used to, i had a 4th grade class with completely new students {to me} i probably looked like all of the life was sucked out of me. regardless, i guess i did well. here are some quotes from my evaluation:

from my host teacher, the drill sargent:
"good leadership. good planning. very enthusiastic."

from my university supervisor:
"excellent lesson, danielle! you are a 'natural' with instruction, motivation and management"

aw....*blush*...it always feels good to know you are doing something "RIGHT"
alright, now im gonna watch some tv because i never do...i need a nap as well. ill probably blog more later...but after i clean my room {since i wont be home all weekend, i probably should} ugh. i forgot...i work at 4 too....i better take that nap now.


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Anonymous said...

danielle! how was the 'dark' wedding??? it totally gets dark at like 7:15 I don't know how she could've missed that. haha its pretty noticeable... anywho, i miss ya girlie, i'll see you soon... oh and um, we might be moving, but don't worry, we're not too far away. (NYC) so at least you would be able to come visit and its only a 1 hour plane ride.. could be worse right? miss you.. .i'll see you soon! <3