15 October 2008


how did i ever become so lucky? to be a stress-eater that is. you know, the kind of binge session that occurs when food tastes like nothingness and you wake up with a food hangover....absolutely miserable. yeah. and as i mindlessly cram my hand in the crinkled bag for another greasy potato chip i say to myself "GET A GRIP GIRL....you never eat like this!" unless ofcourse im stressed. and by god, am i ever. it might sound like a simple thing (i mean i AM going to become a teacher and all) but tomorrow i have my PE lesson....you know, the one where my university supervisor comes and observes how well i do and determines whether or not i pass or fail? yeah....thats tomorrow. but why am i freaking out? she seems to like me...but ohmyfreakingraciousgoodness.....i cant handle it. my host PE teacher is like a drill sargent. i, however, am not. "it will all be okay" i tell myself. i lie to myself.....i usually do well, ive survived so far. oi!

and after tomorrow its "the dark wedding"....yeah the one where "oh, it doesnt get dark til after 8pm" one....(OBVIOUSLY someone hasnt looked outside lately or else they might change their minds of when they want me to take pictures...)oh well.

did i mention those two things just bake the begining-of-my-weekend-cupcake....this frosts it. SATURDAY is my teaching certification test. yeah...the one that says i can actually be a teacher.

out of all three, i think tomorrow morning scares me the most. maybe because its the most near. maybe its because its most relevant for the time being.....all i know is come monday, I'LL NEED TO GO ON A DIET!

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