27 October 2008

{so does god work in mysterious ways, or what?}

lately its been pressing on my heart the condition of todays youth...just how terminal everything has become...how influenced we are...i just feel like there is hope inside me that is bursting at the seams and hasnt quite yet broke all of the strings. and just yesterday i had this crazy idea that i was going to turn my blog into somewhat of a daily bible study...mostly for myself but also in hopes that it might touch someone and recircuit their pre-conceived notions about "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-S"....christians have been given such a bad name...that why i hate to label it. do i believe in christ? YES. do i believe that he is the son of god? YES. do i believe he died and rose again for my sins and the sins of all humanity? YES. do i believe that he is the evercoming, always willing, never-failing god and king of kings? HECK YES. do i believe that having this knowledge, this wisdom, this love inside of me should make me considered a "boring" person? NO WAY. i have been praying that god will give me the opportunity to revamp the minds of society and let them know that christian does NOT mean freak. it means ONE LOVE. ONE BODY. ONE HOPE. i won't say that there aren't those who give christians a bad rap...as hypocrites and "losers" and such...but seriously people, christians are NOT bad. they dont have to be "boring"...we are real too. ANYWAY....more and more i have been wishing that i can hold true and claim to the whole "I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL" idea...not even just an idea...but a lifestyle...my biggest pet peeve is people not BEING WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE...I WANT TO BE A GENUINE PERSON and that means showing people that i can be "danielle" i can enjoy the things of this world and still not be "of this world"...

ANYWAY...tonight corey and i got to hang out for a bit. we did a little shopping {i bought some new chucks...my old-worn-in-comfortable ones are finally getting a hole after 5-years of continual use} and then we went to use my birthday gift certificate at the raven...we had a lovely time, enjoying our drinks and such...then corey went to the bathroom...i was soon approached by someone out of the clear blue. i probably looked like a crazy, sitting all buddled up against the wall...shaking partly due to the cold and partly due to the caffine {i know, it usually doesnt effect me} anyway, he asked me if i knew the girl that was playing the piano and that started our small talk...he proceeded to tell me that he was a church planner somewhere in detroit and that he grew up here...and his dad was a pastor {so i mentioned my dad was as well...} and then we ended up talking about my photography and then he mentioned a website sort of thing that he was starting up...the idea is pretty cool actually...he wanted to create a space {and this was my interpretation....so if im a little off...whoops! sorry.} but he wanted to create a space where christians are being portrayed as almost like a bridge into secular culture...mainly causes like invisible children, free world trade, etc....and basically just have it become a gathering place for people to unite and stuff....i know he said more about it but my brain was half frozen from my frozen coffee toffee mocha. what ended up being funny is that he lived next door to one of my closest friends {leigh} growing up and he is actually helping out with launching the site as well!!!! i dont know there was just too much happening to really take it all in and absorb it.

needless to say, i think something is on the brink of happening....and i refuse to sit and let it pass me by.


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