08 October 2008

{omg. photobucket}

i was bored and looking at my old photobucket pictures. caisee remember theseeeee?

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Anonymous said...

LOL old! hahaha crazy, I look horrible. lol OH! I took your book back! I'll send ya the 5.00 and then give ya the .19 cents when I see you. Unless that can go through mail without a problem? I don't know. Whichever works for you. I will put the mulah in the mail for ya though. :o) I miss you!!!! I'm working on getting some furniture, at least a table and chairs because Danny and I wanted you two to come over for ice cream sundaes... whether around Halloween or something. Gotta' get that furniture! hahaha Love ya girlie, see ya lata and good luck with the 'dark' wedding. ;o)