07 October 2008

{miss frasier}

i must say, i really enjoy working with my 7th graders. i was able to spend all day with them {usually im only at the junior high about 3 hours or so} but today was a full day. its such a fun age group {contrary to popular belief}; i swear they don't transform into moody-sacks-of-hormones until about the 8th grade. in 7th grade there is some innocense left {in the most of them} SVSU is still working on allowing me to work with this class next semester during my student teaching. i can only hope! i was quite estatic to hear {from my host teacher} that my supervisor {from SVSU} was speaking wonderful things about me to her about what a good teacher ill be. i get so discouraged sometimes so this was really awesome to hear. i really like my host teacher a lot {as well} and she says that she will fight to get me to be able to work with her next semester. im so excited! graduation is soooooon.

tonight, i didnt feel like doing homework. i did homework all last weekend and completed A LOT. so...i made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies instead. i think i ate too much dough though {my weakness!} i honestly cant stomach eating any of the cookies. however my family has almost eaten them all! i also took a nap and almost finished my book!!! i absolutely am loving the twilight book. i thought i was gonna hate it. i said i would never read it. now i plan on seeing the movie. its such an interesting love story {im usually not into those types of books} AND its an easy read...so before bed i have been able to read lately. ah, its fun.

hmmm....what else to post? next week is going to busy, busy, busy compared to this lax week. i not only have heidi's wedding to photograph on friday {17th} but my teaching certification test on saturday {18th} then i am also going to the apple orchard with stephanie after the test {i will be in the flint area anyway} PLUS i actually work next week. *sigh* i should probably get all of that homework done tomorrow seeing that i will not have time next week! haha.

alright...time for {lovilies} and house!

oh and ofcourse....


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lost teeth said...

I have that laptop bag! and i love the jewlery, pretty pretty. hope you are doing well darling :)