29 October 2008

{im getting old}

heres to twenty-three.

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c.montgomery said...

danielle! i totally lost a day! lol i saw it was your birthday on facebook and i was like... her birthday is the 29th, what the heck! haha i JUST NOW realized its the 29th and not the 28th. Gosh... I'm 21 and the mind is already going... yikes!

As for your lovely novel, which i love getting. its like having a long conversation with you and i enjoy them. I TOTALLY HAVE THE SLEEPING PROBLEM! Mine happen mainly on Mondays for some reason, like I get 2 hours of sleep if I'm lucky. My mind just goes and goes... sometimes its not even anxiety, its just an overactive mind! So I can to an extent relate on the sleeping problem. Our thoughts of the fears of leaving Corey (in my case Danny) is something that makes my issues the hardest. That I am thinking is my biggest fear and I have even made myself like cry thinking about it. I can't imagine how your poor dad feels. As soon as I found out you had lost your mom my heart instantly broke for you guys, but I felt a different sadness for your dad because it was his wife and companion... gosh life is fragile, death is so not a respector of persons. My biggest fears are losing loved ones, or leaving Danny behind with greif. I told him that if anything happened to me he can remarry, but he just looked at me and said it wouldn't be fair to the other girl because I just wouldn't love her the same and she wouldn't deserve to be second best. Which was funny because that was how I felt too if it were the other way around. Errrr, I wish I wasn't afraid to die. I envy the people that can blow it off and really and truely live life to its fullest. I've been trying hard to find a way to just get the sad thoughts out of my brain, its hard and I totally understand how things like that would be harder for you. Having already experienced a "biggest fear". You're a strong girl and you have no idea how often I think of you and pray for you that your day wouldn't be too hard, and that the painful memories will someday be replaced or pushed aside with happy ones. I love ya Danielle, you are the greatest friend I have seriously ever had. I never thought I would actually find such a faithful and trustworthy friend. I love ya girlie, I know this was sappy, but yeah, I'm just sappy today. I'm a girl, it just happens! We miss you guys and hey, I'm making red velvet cupcakes I think saturday if you guys are out and about and want to come to my parents house for some yummy buttercream frosted red velvet cupcakes, you are totally welcome! my mom even told me today you and corey and nakita should come over. hahaha so if you guys get bored, you should come over. :o) <3