28 October 2008

{"God, you don't seem to make sense!"}

"living by faith is a bewildering venture. we rarely know what's coming next, and not many things turn out the wat we anticipate...that God-followers don't get preferential treatment in life always comes as a surprise. but it's also a surprise to find that there are a few men and women within the Bible who show up alongside us at such moments..."

i bring you, night one of my favorite books...i have frequented it in the past but it has been awhile....so in light of the times...of this day and age...i present you HABAKKUK.

okay...so my goal with habakkuk is to do a study with you about everything...

first and foremost, WHO WAS HABAKKUK?
he was a prophet....a man of God who gives voice to the choas in our lives, the fears that we face and our disappointments...Habakkuk insisted that God pays attention to us....

when did this all go down?
about 7th century b.c.

cool thing about Habakkuk....he waited and listened for God..."only there did he eventually realize that the believing-in-God life, the steady trusting-in-God life, is the full life, the only real life..."

chapter one: JUSTICE IS A JOKE
read it. meditate on it. and tomorrow ill discuss it.

im off to bed now.

{p.s. im twenty-three}

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