04 October 2008

{the addiction}

so last night corey came over and we (me, becca and him) started to watch 40 days and 40 nights and it got me to thinking..."what would be life changing that i should try to see if i could do without for 40 days"...and i immediately thought of the internet. in the movie josh harnett gave up...well, all things promiscuous and picked up hobbies, etc. and got a lot done...i wanted to see how much i could get done today if i didnt go on the computer at all. i thought..."wow, this would be easy"...pathetically it wasnt easy! even when i was trying to do my homework there were things i needed to go online to check and stuff...it was bad....but in the same sense, i got a lot of things done today as well. so it got me thinking...how long could i go without the internet? {honestly, i dont think very long}ill admit, im quite addicted....so just like every diet i try to go on...maybe one day ill experiment with this and see if i can ditch the addition.

in other news, i went shopping yesterday after work and ended up buying a brown dress from the gap {as well as 3-pairs of wicked cute socks!!!} i plan on wearing the dress to church tomorrow, so ill try to take pictures.

as for other things i wish to buy...either with birthday money or ask for...

here are some outfits that i would like to create!!! and most of the stuff is from forever 21 so i could get it cheap!!!!

{a teacher-like outfit...imagine them together}

{for fun}

and ahhh yes, my urban outfitters "splurge"

{free people of course}

{anyone else notice that the waist-line is slowly on a rise? im kind of excited for this despite my old conceptions...i think this will help eliminate all the the "muffin-tops" and "plumber-crack" issues going around}

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