09 September 2008

{oh, rocky}

mr. votolato, i truly am in love. hahaha....your lyrics warm my heart and burn my soul. or something to that effect.

i have been trying to upload pictures to my blogger and it is being an old stick in the mud. i do suppose ill wait until tomorrow...

can i mention i dont appreciate my internet constantly kicking the bucket tonight? i swear if i see another Internet Explorer cannot dislay the webpage again ill freak. honestly, how can one write a blog if the internet fails to cooperate?

all this frustration is leaving my brain in a tizzy...so i think ill just retire to my bed tonight.

sweet dreams.


c.montgomery said...

haha i know what you mean about voting. its a pain. i wasn't going to, but i got myself all fired up and i don't want obama to win. hahaha so i guess i might as well take advantage of the fact that i might be able to help. :o) anywho, i am super excited to hang out! what would you like to do???

c.montgomery said...

i was totally picturing those as buttons! i don't know where to like get that done... you don't really see artsy stuff for mccain, so i figured i would make stuff. :o)