29 September 2008

{i'm in class and i can blog, this is why i own a laptop}

hahah sort of. i am in class right now...watching an old school {im talking 1980's} video about hearing=impaired students and how to help them in a classroom. its hard to pay attention, ill admit. my brain is racking back and forth concerning all the work i have going on. like i told corey...when a million things get thrown at me, all at once, that is when i freak out. i get lazy because i dont know where to begin. i shut down when i dont know where to begin. i need to learn to take one step at a time.

my job has screwed me up again. okay....so for the next few weeks i barely work. i requested two days off: october 17th &18th....for the wedding and teaching certifcation tests...well guess what? i was scheduled to work. i dont know what to do....honestly, it keeps getting harder and harder to deal with...just extra stress i dont need....

tonight i would like to:

- finish my "phonics" flow-chart homework
- get my teaching stuff ready for my seventh-graders tomorrow
- organize my photo stuff
- work on birthday present stuff for corey

okay. class discussion time!


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c.montgomery said...

i think my mom poisoned all of us. We felt pretty sick too!!! sorry about that, hahaha. I pretty much never want pizza again right now. Blah. Anywho, have fun with that homework. ;o) I'll talk to ya soon!