30 September 2008

{hello october, goodbye young lady}

yikes! i turn...23 this month...well october that is. this year i am poor...and need to get crackin' on making corey's birthday gift {for those who don't know...its on the 29th...we share the same day!!!} all this birthday talk got me to thinkin about what i want...im not much of a "ask-for-specifics" kind of girl. in all honesty, i dont expect a thing. i was never a wish-list kid...but in my should-be-doing-homework-instead-of-blogging endeavors, i found a lot of cute stuff i wouldnt mind replacing everything i own with.....i will post pics in a few b/c i cant get them to load again! grr...


okay....so some of these things i found on other peoples blogs already made up....i love the style of it!!!!

need i say more? this is so me.

hello! its yellow. i love it.

i could totally wear this teaching. i already have a white shirt that is almost identical!

*sigh* i really need {want} new clothes. mine are so worn out. {thanks sams club, i hate you}

ill post more stuff later.

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