28 September 2008

{coffee breath}

might i take this moment and express what an incredibley horrible student i am? it is not that i get bad grades and things of that sort, it is just that...i am merely lazy. in all honesty, what good will making a chart about phonics do me? or completing 17 chapter assessments on classroom management? umm...probably nothing. no good whatsoever. and the reason for that is, when it comes to school work: i skim. when i read text-books, i don't comprehend...i just answer questions...i don't learn...i just find results...i don't get that 'a-ha!' moment...i just get my work done. which is why hours of this monotany will do me no good. put me in a classroom...show me what to do...consider it done. make me read a boring text-book that doesn't even slightly interest me...then you are just wasting my time. ironically, these mundane tasks are the very thing that hold my grade within grasp. ugh. dumb.

so...i am on my 5th cup of coffee {hold your briches...its already 4:30...} and have completed nothing.


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