16 April 2008

the sun is shining and i am realizing, how happy i am to be alive.

i do believe it is inevitable, we all get stress and in that stress we feel depressed and in that depression, we search. we search for that glimmer, that light, that very thing that brings us joy. when i see children playing, swinging on the swings...playing tag in the summer grass, i smile. i when breathe in fresh air, let the sun kiss my cheeks, and move...i feel energized. i feel happy. i like to find joy in the little things. painting makes me happy. capturing life in pictures make me happy. cups of coffee make me happy. cupcakes make me happy. sewing makes me happy. having absolutely nothing to do makes me happy. all of those happys combine and intertwine an create a big ball of sunshine. a little slice of heaven.
just like the winter forgets the heat of summer...i have the tendancy to forget the small things that make me happy. i wrap all my time in the thins i have to do...eventually leading me to stress...which makes me depressed...i am ready to change this. i am ready to try to find happiness everywhere i go. too many people go throughout their lives just trying to "make it through"....i have hope that J.O.Y. is the solution.
its funny, back when i was younger we learned in sunday school that joy stood for Jesus, Others, and You. ironic isnt it? since God is love. his son brings joy. thats what i need. i need less of myself and more of him. more of others. and to put them first. i've always tried this...but i need to do better. there is a hopeless world out there, and no, i may be as insignificant as dust, but who knows that one life i can bring sunshine to.

anyway, enough of my ramblings...

i "have" to go to class....


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