17 April 2008

oh, what a beautiful day!

i am so joyful that this bipolar weather is finally beginning to figure itself out. i absolutely couldn't wait until i got out of work today. i had to work until 3ish, and i couldn't help but look out the door and daydream for those long 5-hours. when i did get home, i enjoyed a wonderful chicken marsala dinner and went on a bike ride with my siblings afterward. we were gone a long time too because it was just so gorgeous! and for the first time, in a very long time, i played out in the yard with my brothers. we played catch and hockey for a good half hour or so, then the bugs came out. i am so happy that i got the opportunity today though. i am so used to doing homework or going to work or blahblahblahhhh. tonight, i forgot to stress out. i forgot about my hectic life. i remembered the bliss of my childhood.

for those of you who actually read this and are interested, i've been thinking about doing some "theme" entries...i know that barely anyone reads this, but its mainly for me. i sort of got this idea from a blogger that i love [ galadarling.com ]. she has a "things i love thursdays" which is where she post webpages, videos, music, clothes, etc. she likes...i havent decided yet or not, but i think every friday i am going to try to do something similar to that as well! its fun, and helps me to organize & share a lot of cool stuff.

i have a lot of ideas for this summer. i want this summer to be amazing. i want to take it slow and take the time to enjoy it. i have a lot of projects i want to accomplish as well...including this: starting may 1st, i am going to do a 365-photoshoot...where i take at least one photo a day that will represent my day. i've seen a lot of photographers do it and i thought it would be fun. i tried once already, but with school...its just too crazy.

well, the office is going to be on soon. 13-minutes. hahah.


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