18 April 2008

if at first you dont suceed, try try again.

good evening everyone. so, today was quite an interesting day. at least to start. i know i have the tendency to constantly complain about working at sam's club,but there is so much negativity it brings me down! on top of it, i kind of got in trouble b/c i didnt scan something that was in someones cart. then i forgot to give a woman all of her change back. and on top of it all...it was packed in there.

anyway, some good news....
today will be my first ever,

My Addictions Friday:

1.) first and foremost, for those of you who aren't really into exercise but find yourself stressed-out 24/7...TRY YOGA! believe me, you will fall in love with it. i have been into yoga for almost 4 years now...and i can totally tell a difference when i am consistant with it and when i am not. if you are interested, here are two of my favorite "at-home" yoga dvds that you should try out: yoga for young bodies and crunch yoga

2.) okay, so as of lately i have been addicted to two shows...weeds and degrassi. so weeds is a bit of a guilty-pleasure in the sense that it is not completely g-rated...sometimes its even a little to graphic for me...but i've been sucked in even more than usual lately...its probably b/c at one point in time zooey was in the show...

and now mary-kate is...

or that i have a tv-crush on silas [which!!! i am totally naming one of my children that one day!!!!!!! i love that name...]

as for degrassi...there is honestly no reason why i should like it. it is probably the lamest, little-kiddish soap-opera type show ever! but once again...the characters developed a relationship with me. check out sidereel.com to watch that and more.

3.) the newest issue of nylon came in the mail the other day. LOTS of neat pictures that really make me wish i had more time to be creative and artistic! not to mention, having big-bucks to tap into some of those fashionss. good god! what i could do with a zillion-dollars!

4.) you may have read in previous posts that i am in love with kashi go-lean crunch...as of recently i have been mixing things up a little...hahah...i mix the go-lean crunch with the healthy heart kashi and toss in some raisins...its honestly the best way to start off my day. your tummy would thank you!

5.) builtny is my absolute favorite company right now. i bought a lunch bag and several drink holders from them...as of recently i also bought the electrical cord bag so i can store my camera battery changer/laptop charger stuff in there. i am currently saving up for the oversized duffel in brown, which i am totally in love with. its $100 on their website but i found it one amazon a little bit cheaper.

6.) speaking of which, I AM IN LOVE WITH AMAZON. i get so happy when i see another box at my backdoor with the smiley face and the words amazon printed across it. you can find so many good deals on there, its great! oddly enough, i tend to trust it more than ebay and im not sure why, but whatever....

7.) as most of you know, i am doing quite a few weddings this summer. i really want to buy this camera bag....its quite expensive, so i dont know if i should invest in it or not...mel has one, so i am going to check hers out on sunday...

8.) i am addicted to making my own ice coffees. its so much cheaper too!!! plus, i can use soymilk, which is a whole lot better and i can control additives. the only constaint is time...

9.) one last link for tonight that i found interesting....i came across this blog called dear god...in a way its a lot like my other favorite blog post-secret where people send postcards with their deepest secrets on them....well these are prayers....its quite interesting...so check it out!

ahhh, guilty-pleasures. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do. i need to get to sleep now though...tomorrow is a busy day. i am finally going to get my hair cut...pretty much just the bangs....then, my brother got invited to a track invitational [which is like a super-awesome honor...only the best go!] so i am going to go watch and take pictures of course...then i am finally going to get to hang out with corey [although we will be shopping all night for bob and erins wedding gift!]

have a lovely evening!


p.s. did i mention these are my future-hair goals?
[my other-girl crush, jenny lewis from rilo kiley]

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c.montgomery said...

so i can totally see you with that hair style! i like it a lot and i think it would look great on you!!! i like your idea for the photos 365 days a year. i think i will try that too as soon as i can get my camera back. arg... annywho, i miss ya!!!! we'll have to all get together soon and get ice cream and see a movie. doing something... summerish!! miss ya, tell corey i said hi!!