19 April 2008

i accomplished much less than i expected to, today.

but thats alright...i was able to get my hair cut, see dale at his track invitational and mess around a little...i'm waiting to eat dinner so i can go shopping with corey tonight. we MUST find a wedding/shower gift for erin and bob. i need to call it an early night though...tomorrow after church i have to drive and take pictures for that wedding. i hope its nice!!! alright...i dont have much more to say, so ill just post some pictures of the things i made today....most of them suck, but i had fun doing it.

[the pictures go from cutest to ugliest....but the very last two pictures are the "genesis-stage" of my wedding shower card that i am making for erin]


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lost teeth said...

beautiful things! hope you are well darling!