25 March 2008

this is what i did with my day off.

pardon the bad pictures....i took them tonight and the lighting was really bad. really dark and i had to use the flash....natural lighting is so much better. this is what i did with my day off...i really wish i had more time to do stuff like this. its soooo...."theraputic" haha. the picture that looks like eve isn't finished and the fish one started off as a doodle....so its a bit sloppy....the girl one originally had the bird in the cage but i felt that he looked too trapped, so i "freed" him....i kind of messed up a little when i tried to repaint his cage. oh well....

oh! i forgot to mention in my last entry that i just bought a new lens for my camera. its a $250 lens and the guy i bought it off of sold it to me for $175! i haven't really had a chance to use it yet [its a 50-200] but hopefully it will get nice outside and i can go on a mini-photo shoot soon. i also just purchased a new flash for my camera as well. i don't expect it to arrive until sometime next week, but i am so anxious! unfortunately i wont have it for the wedding that i am doing with mel on friday. no worries though.

so, i've been thinking about starting a project. i would say a year-long project but i am so inconsistant that i will not make any promises....anyway my idea is that i am going to make a 365-pictodiary. like take a picture everyday that i found interesting or something to represent my day...or myself. then i can look back at everything. i saw a couple done on flickr and they are really cool. we will see if i can keep up.

hmm...its getting late. i need to sleep....i'm going to post some pics from easter though really quick first.


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