20 March 2008

sorry for the lack of updates.

my life is an overflowing bucket of s-t-r-e-s-s


Anonymous said...

hey are you doing anything saturday night? we're making pizzas here at my parents house and if you (and corey if he's not working) aren't doin' anything, and are in the mood for some great homemade pizza you should stop by!!! i miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

we miss you guys too!!! danny's work schedule has been kind of crazy but we'll definitely all have to get together within the next week or so! (on a Friday so corey isn't working of course!) anywho i hope ya get all that work done we'll probably be doing the pizza stuff around 6:30 so if you're free stop by if not we'll get together maybe next friday or something!! miss you!!

Anonymous said...

See here or here