05 February 2008

love is in the air.

....sigh.... all my friends are married or getting married.

congratulations bob and erin on the engagement!


Anonymous said...

awww, they got engaged?? that's awesome! *nudge* no pressure. ;o) hahaha I miss you!

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling we would all get along quite well! hahaha that's weird they're doing it like we did! its pretty much the way to go though if ya don't want a huge wedding and it costs a lot less too! so that's always good. so yay for erin and bob!
as for the 15th i was actually going to ask you guys if you were up for doing anything on that day! so that should work, i'll probably end up having the exact answer around that time just because danny's new job is a little weird and they seem to keep him later sometimes but that should work!

Anonymous said...

friday still works for us! i once again don't have any minutes left (its getting frustrating) so I'll keep you updated on here.
yes! i used scrapbook cardstock paper and just painted it with those folkart paints? whatever they're called. haha