14 February 2008

it is all about halmark....you're right.

still...happy valentine's day!


lost teeth said...

haha, it's true! hope you had a sweet one anyway :)


Anonymous said...

hey ok, so you probably wont get this, but we probably arent' going to be able to hang out tonight, its looking like Danny will have to work late. Ummm I have gone over like whoa on my minutes because I'm kind of stupid, but we will try to get ahold of corey like with a text or something! hopefully next weekend danny wont have to work late and we'll do something! I'm bummed, I was looking forward to seeing you guys!!

Anonymous said...

i would be sad too, you were the first person i thought of when danny was like "lets move down south" you guys should go too. hahaha i'm sure they need teachers and its a beautiful state. we should all just relocate. cost of living is actually less down there which is nice.
we're still coming to port huron tonight, but we probably wont get in until late. danny doesn't get out of work on time anymore which drives me nuts, but apparently it wont always be like this.