18 February 2008


i am uber excited. i was recently hired by my friend jackie, for blairphotography! we had been talking about it for awhile, but now it is pretty much official. i am set up as a second-shooter for 7 weddings already this year. this is definately a great opportunity for me since i am not going to school or anything for photography. i need to become more familiar with my camera and stuff, especially since i am not big on directions or taking classes. i am definately more of a hands-on learner. i've been looking at a lot of photography blogs as of lately, and i just feel the need to expand my borders. i mean, i love the stuff i take now....but i guess i just don't feel "satisfied"....i want it to become a reflection of life through my eyes...anyway, i am just so excited about this opportunity. well, making money, means i will be spending money [hooray!]...i actually should say investing money, into my camera. i am going to buying a new lens and a new flash as soon as i can.

school is a drag. i am so ready for it to be done. i just need a break from "climbing the ladder". i just want to take time off from that and allow myself to freely express myself in every avenue of my life. i love to paint, draw, sew, cook/bake, make music, obviously photograph.....i want to learn...but hands on learn...to experience life to its fullest in everyway. i want to travel, explore, and live freely. i try to do that anyway for the most part, but with work and school i feel so trapped. i just don't want to waste time. i dont want to see life pass by before me.

thats all for now...i have homework [as usual]

and its dinner [mmmmm.....spinach ravioli w/ my dad's famous-homemade spaghetti sauce!]



Anonymous said...

definitely experiment & learn more about your camera! and don't you just feel like a crappy photog after looking at a lot of blogs? I have become really inspired though. =) It will be an intense year!

Anonymous said...

congrats! Aww, I'm happy for you! Jackie will be a great person to work with and learn from! Yay! I know what you mean about not wanting life to just pass you by. I kind of feel the same way right now. I don't know what to do with myself, I don't know what I want out of life and I want a job but I have no idea what kind.. Arg.. I don't know whether I want to do photography as a career or if I want to just do art. Well, I guess I could have bigger problems huh? haha My life could be a lot more chaotic so I guess I should be somewhat content! anywho, i miss you and corey! maybe this weekend we can get together! Are you guys busy this friday? so far danny has been getting out of work at normal times this week, so depending on what time we get into town we can go see a movie or you guys can come to my parents house and we can just watch a movie.