18 January 2008

today i was in front of the camera.

ironic, isnt it? well, to make a long story short...i had this morning off so i went and visited my friend mel [who also loves photography....she had the studio to herself today so she invited me out]...well, we exchanged smiles and words, drank starbucks and took pictures...er....i should say she ended up taking all of the pictures. somehow i ended up in front of the lense this time! here is just a glimpse of the fun we had:


jackie said...

those are reaaaaaallllly fun and I like them. especially the shot on the chair. did you do the editing?
who do you know that has a studio & where is it?! thats awesome!

lost teeth said...

these are fanatastic! looking good lady! :)

Anonymous said...

hey! oh don't even worried about not saying happy birthday, haha its ok! i'm glad you're feelin' better!
as for hanging out, we'll be coming into port huron this weekend if you want to hang out there, save ya some gas money! haha maybe we can go see Juno or something! anywho, i hope ya make a full recovery soon, danny is sick too and he hasn't been to happy about that.
oh and the heath ledger thing was pretty shocking! my dad told me and i thought he was kidding. its so sad!!! i'm curious to know how he died! his poor little girl, she'll never know her dad. sad,sad,sad

Anonymous said...

there is a slight possibility we'll have to change the movie date to next friday. danny had some project thrown on him at the last minute and he might not get out of work until late tomorrow... so far things are going fine, but he had to work late yesterday and if they don't get it done they have to work the weekend... so i will keep ya posted! it should be fine though, i just wanted to give ya a heads up. :o) hopefully though i WILL see you tomorrow night!!!

Anonymous said...

aw sorry ya don't feel well! we might just have to do the movie next week. Danny doesn't know what time he'll be out of work and I'm pretty sure it will be pretty late. He didn't get home until 10:45 last night! so i'm thinking next week would work better. but i do hope ya feel better, i will talk to ya soon!