03 January 2008

garden state

i'm tired. but i love this movie. and its been forever since i updated.
christmas was wonderful....i hope everyone elses was just as lovely! corey got me an 80g ipod for christmas along with a lot of other pretty sweet stuff. my dad bought me a video camera in which i plan on making some video-blogs soon! then i got 2 yoga mats and some other sweet things like a dvd player from one of my brothers, boots from meme, a starbucks giftset from my other brother, a cute hoodie from my sister along with more stuff that i can't think of off the top of my head.....my brain wants to shut off for the night.

as for today, i worked all morning at sam's club. boo. then on my break, american eagle called me to see if i could work this evening as well.....seeing that i need the money, i said "sure". kinda sucks that i had a ton to do tonight. oh well, i guess...i have tomorrow off. and i did end up getting another cute pair of jeans from ae.

oohh! i also got to see dave from every avenue. we chatted a bit. i kinda miss those guys.....he said it was weird hearing himself in hollister when he went to buy a shirt...haha...oh the glory, oh the fame of poprock. ha!

lots&lots to do tomorrow, my list:

-sleep in!

-finish cleaning room

-paint my nails

-work on resume for landmark academy/substituting jobs

-sew a new vest and maybe a shirt as well?

-visit the library


-deposit paychecks and repay IOU's to dad

-clean car

-do finances

-practice guitar/piano

-setup new defotography website

-read a few chapters in "the book of lost things"

-email clients for defotography [upcoming "gigs"]

-submit bzzreports

i'm sure there is more but i cannot think of them.....

as for now....peace.love.danielle.

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Anonymous said...

wow you are one busy girl! i have missed you! i'm glad to hear that your Christmas was good! when did you get home?? we need to get together here very soon. what kind of photography work do ya have?? anywho, i will talk to you hopefully very soon!