29 December 2008


my external hard drive fried...and like the idiot i sometimes am, i failed to backup these files....so every picture that i have EVER taken is gone. gone. i wanted to murder someone yesterday when this happened.

i have read a lot of articles on tricks to try according to my hard drives "symptoms"....so im trying this freezing method {also suggested by my friend bob}...as crazy as it sounds, im willing to try anything without having to spend a ton of bucks...what i had to do was put my external hard drive into a ziplock bag and stick in the freezer for like 24-hours.....tomorrow we'll plug it in and hopefully it will give me about a half an hour to extract all of my important files.

PLEASE GOD! please.

26 December 2008


everything's meant to be broken.

weird. how long since ive heard this. how familiar it actually is.

20 December 2008

{it's beginning to look a lot like christmas}


warm new england home. snow falling outside the window. charlie brown christmas tree encompased about by a glistening village. most of all, love.

i am estatic to be in massachusetts right now. despite the long and snowy drive, its good to finally be "home". yes, this place is home...because what they say is true- home IS where the heart is. i love my family and its good to be surrounded by them all.

this trip is going to be longer than normal (which is great)...i am hoping to relax...de-stress...and get focused on this upcoming new year. a new chapter in my life. i am so pleased to have the opportunity to quit my job for student teaching this upcoming semester. its going to be tight, but i believe its right.

well, i am going to unpack and visit with the family.

be safe everyone!


06 December 2008

{two weeks notice}

and im not talking sandra bullock, folks.

i did it. i quit sam's club.

04 December 2008

{santa's little helper}

oh! i am one happy camper today. i was able to work on my christmas cards ALL DAY today. i did absolutely nothing else! i love not having school. honestly. i am wicked excited for next week because i am going to start working on some of my presents. i have some tricks up my sleeve...but im keeping them hush-hush for now. 'tis the season!!!!

well...now my joy is coming to somewhat of an end...i have to go to work. fifteen days until i am DONE there....i still have to tell them. (cue in angels' hallelujah!)

until then,


02 December 2008

{anxiety is my middle name}

it isn't really...but im considering it to be one of my future childrens names...seeing that i APPARENTLY am in love with it.

i hate to complain, i really do. but for most of you...all that you ever hear {or read} from me is COMPLAINTS. i hate it.

so where's the love today? school.

after student teaching this morning, i arrive to an already stressful situation: a substitute. not the fun kind...this lady is the devil reincarnated, i swear. she belittles, pokes fun and makes you feel completely inferior to her. a sub in college, you ask? well my professor has been out most of the semester with facial reconstruction surgery (she has skin cancer) ANYWAY this woman has so politely filled in (she teaches the same course but on the maccomb campus)...i could go on about how she chewed me out because i asked a simple question or assigned extra work to our class "because it was in the syllabus, even though dr. r didnt assign it"....but i wont...i will skip ahead to more exciting news...

i just so happen to overhear one of my fellow classmates discussing our "big meeting" tomorrow....with the head of the education department at svsu, etc. etc.....basically a meeting from 10-1 of all the "big shots" on the board. my classmates were talking about how we needed to bring our background checks and receipts from our finger printing and blah blah blah. supposedly "its all in the email"...the email i never got....the email i never got b/c my school email is bogged down by SPAM.

so i'm freaking out b/c apparently if i didnt have this information submitted by november 24th {or something like that} i was in big trouble. a million phone calls later {were talking, the head of the departments office, the yale superintendents office, the svsu-sc4 campus director, etc. etc.} i somehow managed to get SOME order. on top of it, i was informed that i hadnt applied for graduation yet. that would be nice wouldnt it? now i need to hunt down my transcripts...

all in all...headache.

now i still have homework coming out of my ears and NOTHING for corey for christmas...okay, so one thing. one stupid thing! and i dont have any money to buy anything else....i need a break so i can c-r-e-a-t-e.

{good luck chuck}

peace&love{send some my way...}

24 November 2008

{here and gone}

okayyyy. so i guess plans have changed. no becca + danielle time today.

{days off}

are far and few in between. let me tell you!...oh wait, probably dont have to b/c i usually do. anyway, im uber excited b/c im going shopping with my sister today. we rarely see each other let alone get to hang out. she has class tonight so we cant stay out long AND i have more homework due tomorrow. big surprise! okay....my hair is starting to dry and i cant believe im even functioning b/c i havent had coffee yet....


23 November 2008

{oh lordy! its the 23rd}

how quickly time flies when you're having fun right? haha. riiiiiight. i just finished writing my IOP, lesson plan 3 AND my reflection for lesson plan 2 and i realized...WOOHOOOO...school is almost out for the holidays. i am extremely ecstatic. with that being said, my time at sams may be nearing its end. im not sure yet, but i was already "so politely informed" that i would not be receiving my holiday time this year and that i would be unable to go to MA for christmas....um HA! thats all i have to say about that...right? i mean, starting january i will be student teaching 40-hours a week. the easy thing to do is just not work for a couple months and focus on graduation...unfortunately that is out of the picture. i not only have a monthly phone bill and to pay for this semester...but thanks to the g6, i also have a car payment. i know, i know. big whoop! but when your bank account is at 0...you gotta work. anyway, i am leaving for a meeting at calicoast in about 30-minutes. yep, thats right. the coffee place is taking me back under their wing. i figured i can pick up a few hours here and there and meet my bills. hopefully it will all work out. regardless, im not worrying about money. life is too short. god will supply my needs...i know it. i can only do so much.

oh! before i go, i wanted to mention....i went and saw TWILIGHT this past friday night. it was relatively good. like i said, i am sorry...i am not an obsessed fan but i do enjoy the books....they are very entertaining. so please, dont mistake me for one! haha. b/c those of you who are, i would just disappoint you if i even made that claim. haha.

alright, ill probably be on later...meeting time!


18 November 2008

{my lord, its after 8:00!}

so i got home from student teaching at 3...took a nap until about 4 then briefly ate...i decided to lay back down on the couch around 4:30 and fell asleep until now! whew! i probably wont sleep tonight now...

more favorite things:


17 November 2008

{pulling my hair out}

as you know, i've been quite stressed...but i am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel...FINALLY

speaking of hair..."hair" are a few more of my favorite things {boo. i know, i know. lame joke. haha}

{her hair}

{the cell & ipod need a little fringe too}

{well you tell me, what isnt to like?}

{dolce vita}

{i know what you are thinking...brrr!}

{ahh..lets not forget love-interest jenny lewis...haha..her green dress is amazing}

16 November 2008


okay....so is it honestly possible to complete hours...heck, DAYS of work and still feel like you havent made a dent? so all of my teachers have decided to pile up all of our work for the very last minute...ohhh and make it due RIGHT BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS. nice, huh?

13 November 2008

{danielle is...}

stressed out...

and i honestly cannot take it. i long for a large refreshing cup of coffee....but what i really need is a good nights sleep. so i am going to grab my ipod...listen to a little owen...and hopefully pass out...i dont work until 11 tomorrow...so maybe ill sleep in.


{danielle is sad...and tired}

i just realized that i have at least 6 projects due by monday...i barely slept a wink last night trying to complete some of them...and NOW i cant hang out with caisee, corey and danny today. i am uber bummed.

oh, and i have to work.

ahhhh....the miserable life i lead! {haha}


12 November 2008

{well it has finally caught up to me}

all of this computer/internet addiction-ing has given me an astigmatism. seriously. i went to the eye doctor yesterday and "he said so"...i have to go back sometime this week and order new $100+ lenses...they couldnt tell me exactly w/o paying right there...and the reason i couldnt pay YESTERDAY was because somehow i left my wallet at home. believe me, i was frantic. i had worked at the junior high all morning and swore that i had, had it with me. when i couldnt find it i thought maybe a student stole it...but then i realized my ipod was still there {and besides i didnt have any cash in my wallet...but still}...after freaking out i called my siblings to check in the hell-hole-mess-of-a-room i have. i literally JUST cleaned it on monday....actually, you know what...i was going to go there but im not..for the sake of reducing stress.

***warning, skip the next paragraph if you dont care to read about my bagel and coffee...or eating anything nonetheless***

mmmm...currently i am sipping my daily {3rd} cup of starbucks coffee {black!..i am so dedicated to this routine, i literally walk down the stairs blinded by sleep and freshly grind it everyday} and eating a blueberry bagel...i think i am finally getting smarter. i went from the normal-sized teenage girl {actually smaller than a lot of my friends} who ate anything and everything she wanted to the slower-metabolized young adult who ate absolutely nothing {omg. that has HOW many calories?} to the maturing {hahah!} twenty-three year old who is beginning to understand moderation. for the past couple years i have stood in line to ride the vicious cycle of rollercoaster-dieting. and boy, let me tell you, it takes a toll on your body and on your mind. last year {even this summer} i would never THINK to eat a bagel. god forbid! too many carbs. but i realize now that when i dont let myself occasionally eat those types of things, i eventually binge like crazy. for instance, any sort of junk food i usually dont eat...but the minute i got to MA...i will disgustingly eat about a months worth in a week! it all makes sense, a little here and a little there wont kill yah...its overendulgence that will. i do still try to cut out the sweets b/c diabetes runs in my family...but dont kid yourself, i love to eat cookies and cupcakes and...all sorts of stuff {bagels!} moderation, dear friends! i hope this plan works out so i dont get a sugar-high rush{which usually makes me sick because i typically dont eat that way}

wow. i had to go back up above that paragraph of gobbley-goop and put a warning label...just in case anyone wanted to skip that rambling!

well, its almost 8am...i need to down my last cup o' joe and light a fire under my tush...i work at 9 and for some reason woke up extremely before i needed to today. i have class afterwards but i have a break in between, so i probably {most likely....im an addict remember} will be back on later.

i am wicked excited for the holidays by the way! my goal this year is to make at least one gift for everyone in my family/adoptive family {*cough*caisee/danny/corey/stephy/sarahann/and maybe if you're lucky...and i have time, YOU!*cough*} hahha.


10 November 2008

{the first step is admitting}

...my name is danielle, i am an internet-addict...

yesterday my internet wasnt working. i felt like i had lost a child. part of me was missing. i didnt know what to do with myself. but, i seemed to have a lot more time in my day.

i baked our famous family-recipe rocky road cake {and ate a little too many slices}
i played guitar/piano with my brother for hours
i watched home alone and cleaned my room
i sewed the buttons back on my sweaters {the ones that have pulled off}
i restrung the strings from my hoodies that came out during the wash {from years ago}
i made my bed {gasp!}
i listened to music
i watched house {twice}
i ate more cake

i think i need a patch. or at least to limit myself. it was nice....however, i made up for it once it finally turned on at about 7 or so. i watched videos on hulu until one am. sick, i know.


09 November 2008

{here are a few of my new favorite things}

i just spent the last 108 minutes watching one of my favorite movies: home alone. i know, i know. christmas is over a month away...but i cant help it, i love the holidays.

here are some things i would love to get under my tree...and some others that i just love.


05 November 2008

{boo for creepers}

im telling yah, if you ever feel the need to get hit on...work at sams...halloween started a new obsession for a creeper i had never met before...and it continues til today...

here's the story...so this dude walks into sams club {i was covering a "door break" at the time....you know the person who greets you then marks your receipt?...anyway} this guy walks in the EXIT door {brilliant one there} and decides to strike up conversation...basically it consisted of me standing there with a dulling highlighter in my hand, listening to a single-sided convo...i didnt feel compelled whatsoever to befriend this "young gentleman" {nix the gentleman thing...i mean he is definately in his twenties but...}favorite quote from the whole thing:

"wow. you're um...you're um...really pretty...i could like totally just stand here and talk to you all day."

can we say CREEPER?!?!?! i wasnt even talking!!! to top it all off he gives me his number adding the whole "i dont know if you have a boyfriend or not but..." tag to the end. ummm....yeah....sorry buddy!

my cashier "friends" [hahah} were all like "he gave you his number?!?! he is sooooo hot!!!!" i told them to have it. then hoped the whole thing would blow over....did it?


i get into work today and first thing that happens is a "cashier" friend of mine says "danielle, this good looking guy came in asking if you were working today....i didnt think it was corey though..."

knowing that corey would NEVER step foot into sams club {alone} i knew it had to be someone else. {SO IF IT WAS YOU LET ME KNOW} because all i can think of is that it has GOT to be that dude. my reasoning? he came through my line later today and the first thing he says is:

"SO what? is your phone broken?"

classy huh? i thought so too. basically he is one of those condescending types whose macho-man-im-gods-greatest-gift-since-sliced-bread-attitude/ego just gets angry when he is rejected.

in all honesty, he scares the heck out of me!!!...oi. whats a girl to do?


{habakkuk 1}

so i promised this awhile ago, but things have been quite busy as you can imagine. since we last spoke {or read or did whatever we do in blogger world}we have gained a new president of the united states: obama ....you all know how i feel about politics anyway...and i would be writing this same blog REGARDLESS of who won the election....because to me, all politicians are liars and i will not put my trust in a single man unless that man is god...because boy oh boy...man fails...but god, well...how can he?

ooooh, danielle. heavy topics today...mixing religion AND politics...the two no-no conversation pieces at dinner parties! yikes! but ah, i dont care. honestly...take it or leave it...but for what it is worth...this is my blog and god bless america cuz i have freedom of speech {well...to a degree...but dont make me go there}

anyway! like i said, yesterday was a hard time for me. i fully believe that everyone should vote. but i was torn completely in two. being a future teacher and not that high up on the economic scale i was totally for obama winning. however, on the moral scale {OR SO CALLED...b/c like i said, they all lie...hahah} i was for mccain. so YES. i did vote yesterday. NO, i wont say who for...because regardless of what i put on my ballot {which dont take this the wrong way} it doesnt matter. either man could have won...because in the end the only man i can put my trust in is GOD.

haha. so congratulations to our new president. i pray that the "change" promised moves in the direction and in the heart of god. i hOpe that there is a betterment of society. and i wish him luck, because holding a country on your shoulders is a mighty heavy burden.

NOW, for what i really came on here to talk about....HABAKKUK. i already mentioned how he was a dude that we could all take a few pointers from...he lived by faith even through the troubled times....even when he couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel he knew god was really there. he demanded gods attention...and i think in this day and age...we better start demanding gods attention...

today i will be reading from the message bible because i like the way its so forward. dont take the easy route though, read it in the nkj version or something to, to get to the true text....

the beginning of the verse begins with "GOD, how long do i have to cry out for help before you listen? How many times do i have to yell, 'Help! Murder! Police!' before you come to the rescue?"

this continues until about verse 5 when God finally says LOOK!!

"Look around at the godless nations {hmmmm....sound familiar to anyone????}. look long and hard. brace yourself for a shock. something's about to take place and you're going to find it hard to believe. i'm about to raise up babylonians to punish you, babylonians, fierce and ferocious--world conquering babylon, grabbing up nations right and left, a dreadful and terrible people, making up its own rules as it goes...they're out to kill. death is on their minds...they mock kings, poke fun at generals, spit on forts, and leave them in the dust. they'll all be blown away by the wind. brazen in sin, they call strentgh their god."

obviously habakkuk had a thing or two to say about this...

"...rock-solid god, you gave them the job of discipline? but you can't be serious! YOU can't condone evil!...this is outrage! evil men swallow up the righteous and you stand around and watch!"

then in chapter 2 this is what god commanded him to do...

"write this. write what you see. write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. this vision-message is a witness pointing to whats coming. it aches for the coming and can hardly wait! and it doesn't lie. if it seems slow in coming, wait. its on its way. it will come right on time."

the rest of chapter 2 {which ill finish at another time} goes on explaining how men are bloated by self-importance...full of themselves and soul-empty. that the only real way to be alive is to be in right standing before God, loyally and steady believing. people might think i have changed. or that i am crazy. or that im "in a cult" for believing what i believe in. but i dont criticize or condem them for their beliefs. it saddens me that we, as humans {especially americans} are unsatisfied creatures, a needy breed of discontentment... i truly believe that is why our country has fallen so far from god. our foundation. the foundation of our country. we have seen a lot of bad things. but heres the kicker folks....there are more to come. dont give up on god...he wont give up on us.

{ d a n i e l l e }

03 November 2008


its been a long time. i should have left you. with outta doubt. step....WAIT! i would never leave you. hahhaa....sorry i apologize for my lack of updates as of lately. i have been wicked busy {woah, i never said you HAVENT heard it before} anyway, its monday night...i am about to watch SNL's presidential bash 2008 and eat some oreos. i would say its a good way to begin a week...especially after the weekend i had.

speaking of presidents....ah...im still undecided....i think im getting an ulcer from this whole thing. vote for a "communist" {haha} or vote for someone who wants to give all of our jobs to the communists. nice...

my head has been cloudy for days. sinus' hurt to the max. i cant breathe and when i can its only half-hearted. on top of it my vision is wicked blurry. kinda freaked me out....still kind of does {im making an eye appointment tomorrow} cuz even with my glasses on i cant see very well. so yeah....ive been sick, what a birthday present!

speaking of birthday presents. i got a lot of cute things. maybe ill take pictures and ellaborate later. im so exhausted. my sister did get me a compilation curious george book! its wicked adorable and vintage-kid-like. i love it.

today i met my 5th graders. the ones i will be teaching 40-hours a week, no pay come this january. woooo! they were pretty cool. and i like my teacher.

i met up with stephanie today to talk about wedding pictures. i will be photographing her wedding next october. we drank coffee and chatted quite awhile.

tomorrow is class all day. THEN VOTE. for who? im not sure....but you have the chance to "make a difference" hahha.....great.

i got called sarah palin or tina fey 7000000 times this weekend. glasses? umm....brown hair? i dont get it.

obama is kinda fun to say. i dont know why.

oh politics.

this year is making history....i guess.

mccain looks like a turtle. and he is talking on snl right now...and is actually making me laugh...and its not just because of his creepy smile.

wow. im talking politics...hahha not really...im gonna watch the bash now. go watch it.

28 October 2008

{"God, you don't seem to make sense!"}

"living by faith is a bewildering venture. we rarely know what's coming next, and not many things turn out the wat we anticipate...that God-followers don't get preferential treatment in life always comes as a surprise. but it's also a surprise to find that there are a few men and women within the Bible who show up alongside us at such moments..."

i bring you, night one of my favorite books...i have frequented it in the past but it has been awhile....so in light of the times...of this day and age...i present you HABAKKUK.

okay...so my goal with habakkuk is to do a study with you about everything...

first and foremost, WHO WAS HABAKKUK?
he was a prophet....a man of God who gives voice to the choas in our lives, the fears that we face and our disappointments...Habakkuk insisted that God pays attention to us....

when did this all go down?
about 7th century b.c.

cool thing about Habakkuk....he waited and listened for God..."only there did he eventually realize that the believing-in-God life, the steady trusting-in-God life, is the full life, the only real life..."

chapter one: JUSTICE IS A JOKE
read it. meditate on it. and tomorrow ill discuss it.

im off to bed now.

{p.s. im twenty-three}

{its my last day}

of being twenty-two.

27 October 2008

{so does god work in mysterious ways, or what?}

lately its been pressing on my heart the condition of todays youth...just how terminal everything has become...how influenced we are...i just feel like there is hope inside me that is bursting at the seams and hasnt quite yet broke all of the strings. and just yesterday i had this crazy idea that i was going to turn my blog into somewhat of a daily bible study...mostly for myself but also in hopes that it might touch someone and recircuit their pre-conceived notions about "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N-S"....christians have been given such a bad name...that why i hate to label it. do i believe in christ? YES. do i believe that he is the son of god? YES. do i believe he died and rose again for my sins and the sins of all humanity? YES. do i believe that he is the evercoming, always willing, never-failing god and king of kings? HECK YES. do i believe that having this knowledge, this wisdom, this love inside of me should make me considered a "boring" person? NO WAY. i have been praying that god will give me the opportunity to revamp the minds of society and let them know that christian does NOT mean freak. it means ONE LOVE. ONE BODY. ONE HOPE. i won't say that there aren't those who give christians a bad rap...as hypocrites and "losers" and such...but seriously people, christians are NOT bad. they dont have to be "boring"...we are real too. ANYWAY....more and more i have been wishing that i can hold true and claim to the whole "I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL" idea...not even just an idea...but a lifestyle...my biggest pet peeve is people not BEING WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE...I WANT TO BE A GENUINE PERSON and that means showing people that i can be "danielle" i can enjoy the things of this world and still not be "of this world"...

ANYWAY...tonight corey and i got to hang out for a bit. we did a little shopping {i bought some new chucks...my old-worn-in-comfortable ones are finally getting a hole after 5-years of continual use} and then we went to use my birthday gift certificate at the raven...we had a lovely time, enjoying our drinks and such...then corey went to the bathroom...i was soon approached by someone out of the clear blue. i probably looked like a crazy, sitting all buddled up against the wall...shaking partly due to the cold and partly due to the caffine {i know, it usually doesnt effect me} anyway, he asked me if i knew the girl that was playing the piano and that started our small talk...he proceeded to tell me that he was a church planner somewhere in detroit and that he grew up here...and his dad was a pastor {so i mentioned my dad was as well...} and then we ended up talking about my photography and then he mentioned a website sort of thing that he was starting up...the idea is pretty cool actually...he wanted to create a space {and this was my interpretation....so if im a little off...whoops! sorry.} but he wanted to create a space where christians are being portrayed as almost like a bridge into secular culture...mainly causes like invisible children, free world trade, etc....and basically just have it become a gathering place for people to unite and stuff....i know he said more about it but my brain was half frozen from my frozen coffee toffee mocha. what ended up being funny is that he lived next door to one of my closest friends {leigh} growing up and he is actually helping out with launching the site as well!!!! i dont know there was just too much happening to really take it all in and absorb it.

needless to say, i think something is on the brink of happening....and i refuse to sit and let it pass me by.


24 October 2008

{kelly varners conference was great}

he talked about almost EVERYTHING i said two posts ago. who said you cant have fun at church on a friday night?

now....i wanna go watch the office episode i missed last night, fall asleep and SLEEP IN......i have another 8-hour shift tomorrow.

CAISEE....you better call me, missy.

{and as for last night}

i didnt sleep a wink.

here's to eight hours......and many more.


23 October 2008

{why do the bad things always find there way to my door?}

i want to scream. cry. pound the floor with my fists. i honestly dont understand why the news is ALWAYS bad. ALWAYS. even when its not bad, its never good. mediocre at best. i am just so furious with everything i dont know where to begin. im not satisfied with this current state. this condition that i am in. i just hate every moment of it. its like i keep running and go absolutely NOWHERE. and i am sick. and i am tired. and my feet hurt. my soles are worn thin. i feel helpless and weak and i have no reason for why....no explaination because it never gets better.

today i found out i will no longer be receiving a scholarship through general motors. they have eliminated that program...thus, i have to come up with another $1,000 for next semester. this, however, is just the beginning. if this continue the way that they are going, my dad says that he is going to lose his job. if general motors decides to tank, my father will no longer be able to support us in the way that we live right now. so what? we have to make a few sacrifices right? well, this scares the heck out of me. this country is on its way down the tubes. seriously. the greed. deceite. the money whores and war mongers. THIS WORLD IS GOING TO HELL. FALLING TO RUINS. and the thing that sucks, is that this "happy-go-lucky-american-dream" that we all paint pictures of in our minds, IS NONEXISTANT...or a fading trend.

wake up america! turn your back on God.....He is turning His back on us. seriously. we need to wake up. we are destined for disaster.

can i take this moment to say that i honestly hate humanity? i used to show compassion and love....thats what i am supposed to do right? i have no faith in mankind whatsoever and i want to laugh in the faces of those who do. i am sorry if i am offending anyone right now, but seriously...if we spent as much time and energy on THINGS THAT MATTER...on maybe Gods purpose for this hellish-creation....then maybe we wouldnt be in the mess that we are in! i hate people and their selfishness. they will all burn in hell. and i only fear is that i fall short of His purpose and join those hypocritical monsters who will wallow in their filth. SICK.

i mean, come on. NO ONE is better than the next guy. yet we prance around thinking we are the next best thing since sliced bread. i want to slap you in the face for even letting that thought cross your mind! i am nowhere near perfect. not even a fraction. but this isnt about me. its about God. seriously. neither one of the candidates can save you! NOT OBAMA! NOT MCCAIN! this nation needs to wake up and realize they need SERIOUS help that NO MAN can fix. does it honestly have to get SO BAD before we do anything about it? obviously not! look at 911. how niave we were then and how easily the majority of society has FORGOTTEN!

i am a pretty open-minded person...but i just see this generation turning into sodom&gomorah {forgive my spelling} our standards have been completely thrown out the window. its not hard to realize that man cannot produce with man! there is a reason for that! DUH!!!!! get over your feelings. get over your emotions. get over your freakin psycho-babble. TREND IS TOO EASY TO FOLLOW. i am so sick of society skirting around "ISSUES" trying to please everyone. YOULL BURN IN HELL. burn. and honestly i dont know what has brought all of this upon me....but i cant take it anymore...i cant keep winking an eye at things because i believe God is gonna let us kill ourselves. i believe that he is going to let us destroy EVERYTHING. we are well on our way. i NEVER want to be lots wife and look back. I NEVER want to look back at that past, former way of living. all it did was cause her death.


sorry for my language...but i am rather heated. i am just so sick. sick of what we've become. and how easily/quickly the spiral downward is....

seriously....WAKE UP.

21 October 2008

{and i can't pronounce rural}

ah....i have been tagged as well. the lovely natalia {whose personality, blog and artwork i totally admire and adore!} AKA lostteeth has made me a player in this pretty awesome bloggerific tagging game! {n. was tagged by her blogger friend miss sarah utter of snazzy bouquet -check her out as well!} anyway, this is basically how the game is played...

- Link to the person who tagged you. {which i did and you must do as well}
- Mention the rules. {duh, not everyone is psychic}
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself. {ha! only six?}
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
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i used to tease my friends about listening to "boy bands" {obviously this is still NOT my kind of music} but i did have a mini-obsession with the band plus one who i was convinced {or tried to convince myself} that they were NOT a boy band.

when i was searching for a picture, i laughed because the website i found captioned this under the picture: "Plus One is a Christian boy group patterned in the likes of *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys but with a twist."

so i guess that "TWIST" must have done me in. hahhaha....i mean, the fact that they are NOT a boy band is so obvious....isn't it? hahhaha....


my morning routine consists of me blindly walking down the stairway, into the kitchen, to grab the coffee grinder and bag of starbucks coffee beans and create a beautiful thing...hahahah....i am not even READY to contemplate waking up until i have at least 3 cups of coffee {BLACK, mind you}...


i WILL NOT eat cow or pig....not only for reasons that i find it disgusting....but i hate the taste. however, i WILL eat hot sausage grinders or hot italian sausage in spaghetti sauce....on occasion ill even force down a hot dog...but i draw the line there!


my boyfriend and i share the same birthday {october 29th} but a year apart....because we are so smart...for months we thought we were born in the same room {since we were born at the same hospital}...that was until his mom reminded us of the year difference.


thanks to the show HOUSE, i now diagnose myself with the worst possible scenerio the minute i get a headache. i am slowly...yet progressively turning into a hypochondriac...

{let me not fail to mention that i have the hots for chase from house....hahha}


i love the emergence of the 60s & 70s...the art, the style, the freedom

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