24 November 2007

22 November 2007


first and foremost, happy thanksgiving everyone.
today i decided that rather than waiting until the new years to create some resolutions i am bound to break, i thought i would start early. i am a firm believer on being yourself. its a dog-eat-dog-plastic-barbie-emulating world out there and a clone is the LAST thing i want to be. i do, however, need some polishing up in the self-esteem department. for my post-turkey day resolutions, number one on my list would be taking a better outlook on life. do all, and be all. carpe diem. i need to see the happy side of things. to look for the good in people. to become...a "duck". let all of their negativity roll off my back rather than bog me down. i think seeing that half-full glass [as much as possible] will deplete a ton of stress. on my list, i must also include expanding the expression of my creativity. sometimes i feel like i just don't have enough time for it all. i want to go through life without regreting the small things like learning how to knit or how to bake an apple pie. another thing is to take better care of myself....as far as health goes. only the close know the struggles ive gone through with that issue. the ups and downs of the yo-yo. whether on the physical or mental side. starting NOW, i choose to become a better person. not that the "old-danielle" was not good enough....like i said i just wanna polish up. i dont want to change who i am...i want to glow. change lives. impact others.

now that i've got THAT off my chest...i was watching elf today. as i've mentioned before, i LOVE zooey deschanel. im not one to idolize after "famous people" but to me, she just seems like a ton of fun. i am actually excited b/c starting december 2nd on the sci-fi channel, she is going to be in a new series called "Tin Man". she was already in one of my favorite shows [besides the office], weeds! i just cant wait. her voice is also great. not to mention her style....but yeah enough about that, im gonna post some of my favorite pics of her. i cant believe my hair, its actually starting to look a lot like hers [not intentional]

well....i get to serve coffee at 5 am tomorrow....yes, im back at the coffee place again. whewwwwwww. super fun.

love with a capital L,
d a n i e l l e .