26 September 2007


currently i sit, watching my not-quite-a-year-yet cousin crawl across my floor. he can almost walk. it seems like such a simplistic and natural thing, though its hard to believe at one time that was me, grasping onto table edges and my tiny legs wobbling to and fro. ironically, at times i feel as though i revert back to this stage in my life. going, going, going until i realize that i actually might fall down, i get scared and grip onto something secure as fast as i can. what if that security was never there? what if it simply fell beneath me? i know i've felt that. and fell hard. but heres is the thing, i never want to be in that state of fear again. why is it so difficult for some of us to be confident? its a human condition that i honestly cant fathom. like my little cousin, we even embrace this fear before we reach the age of one. if only we wouldnt hold back, then what great things could we honestly accomplish? im sure mountains could be moved. it sounds cliche, but really...if we allowed NOTHING to hold us back, tie us down, stunt our couriosty....what all could we do? amazing things. i'm sure of it.

a quick update as far as my life goes...

college is taking a toll out of me. like i said i am constantly moving. thank god we dont have to physically tell ourselves to breathe, or else i would have forgotten and be dead right now. as i may have mentioned before, i am taking 4 classes this semester [sounds easy right?...wrong] on mondays i drive to saginaw [1.5 hour drive both ways] for my american dialect class. its rather interesting, but i feel like i dont know quite where i stand grade-wise in the class. then tuesdays i have childrens literature. this is absolutely my favorite class i think. we read kids books and have fun with my estatic teacher. wednesdays i dont have class....so i finally get a day off. thursdays is my art class...its okay actually, at first i was excited but has no longer been fun or challenging...just time consuming mostly, and the teacher is dull so those 4-hour sessions go by very slow. now my friday/saturday class [yes, weekends] is absolutely INSANE. this is one of my first method courses for the teaching program. its the social studies one and we must do field work for it...which means that every friday morning i get to teach 3rd-graders at an elementary school for a few hours then drive back to the college (about a 30 minute drive or so) and sit in my social studies class til 8:30pm (UGH!!! so much for friday night) THEN on top of it all, i have to be back to school by 830am saturday morning for another 4-hours or so....oh yeah...did i fail to mention, im still working during all of this? so i guess i have a good excuse not to have updated in awhile, agreed?

i hope all is well with the rest of you. i promise to post some pictures as soon as i can. some of my lesson plans have some awesome artwork that i have created, so i will try to take pictures of them and post them.

oh! and i forgot. i've been cooking a ton lately. baking actually. god....hello jelly belly. hahaha.....but it all tastes so good!