28 August 2007

no matter how real it looks...its just plastic.

is it possible to feel completely immersed in life? not necessarily for good...or even in a bad way...just immersed. completely covered by a pooling glass of water where you can see the sunlight through its ripples...but no matter how hard you tread, how long you kick...its hard to imagine even holding your breath for just a moment longer?
sometimes i feel displaced from my body. where i can see myself always running but never living. never giving myself an opportunity to speak. speak without words. no mtter what i do, there is always this nagging thought inside of me...whispering dreams that have fallen to waste. i get scared that as the candles increase, i just might let too much slip by.
i hate the systematic, robotic life. always spinning. whirlpoooooooling. and does it ever really happen the way we scratch it out on our loose-leaf pages? hardly.

sing me a sweet melody...put my mind to ease.

27 August 2007

saved by the bell.

5th year college professional should be added to every statement made about me. yes...today started what will be my 5th year of college...and no, im not done yet.
my family made it home from our lovely trip to MA safely [sorry...i still promise you boston pics!] just in time for fall classes to begin. i am not looking forward to homework for the next 4 months...no way jose.
my work schedule changed as well...now i work mornings. so today i worked from 8 to 1ish then drove an hour and a half to saginaw [thank god i only have to do this on mondays!!! all my other classes are right in town]
my class seems pretty cool...its about dialect and the english language...i have a project coming up so i might post a survey about american slang across the globe [and for those of you who actually read this...maybe you can help me out]
i am just waiting for my sister to get out of class then we can head back home...this is going to be a loooooong semester, thats for sure!