14 August 2007

danielle, lets get our update on.

so its been awhile, i know. i have been going crazy...last week i got bronchitis then the day camp ended...OH, and then there was "the babysitting job". i decided to be nice and babysit for this lady yesterday and today since she couldnt find a sitter b/c day camp was over. she told me she was going to pay me day camp wages, etc. etc. well...monday morning i show up at 8am and watched her until 4:50. here are SOME of the problems that occured:
1.) on the way out the door, her mother decided to mention that sara* has seizures sometimes
2.) sara* didnt acknowledge me until after an hour or so
3.) they had 2 cats and cat hair EVERYWHERE, thus causing my allergies to act up
4.) we went on a bike ride which was like 23+ blocks long THEN the bike i was using decided to get a flat tire, in which i had to walk back those 23 blocks
5.) all the kids from the neighborhood came over
6.) her dad came home late, thus making me late for sams

after all of that happened, i still followed through with my promise of working for her today. so once again, i showed up at 8am...this time she decided to pay me. she gave me a $50 check...FOR BOTH DAYS! that means i worked 17+ hours for friggin 50 bucks! thats like less than $5 an hour. i couldnt believe it. i was furious. im thinking about talking to her about it. but then again, its probably not worth it. she wants me to sit again.....thank god for caller ID.

on top of it all, im on two meds for my bronchitis. one makes me drowsy....the other gives me insomnia....so ironically i am up on and off every hour of the night. its quite lovely.

tomorrow im getting fingerprinted for my student teaching thing...then im throwing a surprise 20th b-day party for my sister. thursday my whole family is going to cedar point and then on friday im photographing that wedding. THEN saturday, at lovely 4am...i will be taking off for the east coast [for a week]

right now i just want to sleep.