09 August 2007

and so i sit...listening to the rain

why didn't i go to work today you ask? i was banned. i wish the real reason was as sweet as her excuse. "you're contagious". but everyone knows, its just another notch to mark on her hate list for me.
for four years [summers] i have been trying to get along with the head leader of the day camp [she is only 3 years older than me...] but yet deep, down inside her darth vader's helmet-black heart she hates me... how do i know this? even the kids can see it. regardless, i've tried to push all personal issues aside and try to get along for the mere 8-weeks we get to share together. well today drew the line.
after returning from my much obliged doctors visit yesterday [after mom died....im not one to like to visit those places] i returned to work with a message from my doctor urging me that i was no longer contagious and could return to work with no issues. just yesterday, after i told her the news...she never sent me home. but then last night, KNOWING today was the last day that all the groups of kids would be in one place together, she calls telling me not to come in. she knew i made brownies for the kids and that we were going to have a mini-party at the beach. she rained on our parade. but then god rained on hers today [its been pouring...so no beach! haha]
anyway, the underlying issue is that her ex-boyfriend likes me....and regardless of the fact that ive been with corey for two years and have no other intentions but friendship with her ex, she refuses to believe it. the irony of the whole thing is that she is the one who dumped him AND she already lives with another guy [who is like olddddd] but whatever. she has an issue with mixing personal business with work.
anyway tomorrow is the last day and i wont have to worry about it until next summer. although i probably wont get hired....but who knows. we will see how tomorrow goes.
i spent all day sewing cute little stuffed animals [pictures later] and watching season 2 of the office. i felt like such a bum! oh well....i was having a pity party

im done writing for now...so...


08 August 2007

05 August 2007

one of those lazy kind of days.

all i wanted to do today was take a nap. the skies painted grey with glittering rain created the perfect atmosphere, then sam's club had to kill it all. "the man" stomped out my perfect opportunity and forced me to submit...to go to work. ohhh how i hate working jobs that dont allow me to creatively think. i know that may sound lame, but after 5-hours of constantly ringing up groceries...i get pretty fed up. i do not enjoy grumpy people. i do not enjoy bloody meat getting on my hands. i do not enjoy rude canadians who need their purchases divided and their money converted. i do not enjoy putting back lazy peoples rejected items. i do not enjoy folding mounds of clothing. i do not enjoy ringing up a huge box of condoms for an old man or stool softeners for his wife. these things i do not enjoy. i want to paint. i want to take pictures. i want to play music. i want to sew. i want to go for a walk. i want to pick flowers. i want to swim in the lake. i want to hang out with corey. i want to get in the car and drive for hours. i want to be with my family. these things i enjoy. but these things dont pay the bills. thus, i work two jobs. get a measly paycheck and wait to clock in...again. i guess things could be worse...i could NOT have a job. thus, not have money. thus, be in debt for eternity...so i guess ill suck up the unenjoyable now, and reap the enjoyable another day.

for those of you who don't know, i am still sick. i didnt manage to catch strep throat from the kids, but i did get somewhat of an upper-respiratory infection. robitussin has become my best friend. speaking of which, i definately think its been 4-hours since i last took it, so ill have some more.

this is the last week of day camp then i go into transition mode before my new england trip then school starting up. ohhh i need a break. i would really like to go to detroit soon and take some pictures. i need some more "street-art"...hahha and hobo's to add to my collection.

my family is watching a movie on tv. im not quite sure what its about....since im in the lazy mood, i think ill put on some comfy clothes, grab some sewing stuff and relax in front of the tube with them. so i guess its time to say...


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