01 July 2007

here comes the sun.

for as long as i can remember, that song has been a favorite of mine. it always makes me happy. and right now...that is how i feel...happy.

in this tiny bed i lie, with my two little cousins in the beds next to me, accompanied by the low "i think i can" hum of the air conditioner...i will attempt to recall these past three days...

friday: we woke up around 3 so we could make it to detroit and catch our very early flight [my dad loves to start the day off when the sun comes up]...anywhooo we made it there, inhaled a $4 fruit bowl then boarded the flight. i was extremely exhausted so i tried to catch as much shut eye as i could...but no matter how much i squirmed and positions i tried, no amount of yoga-practice could even help me out...by the time i finally got settled, we were in fort meyers [sp?]...we exited the plane, stretched our legs, met up with the grandparents [the ones from MA] then hit up starbucks [at least i did <333]>

we piled into our rental cars and finally were ready to settle into our hotel. becca and i decided to do a little singing [scary i know] until we got there, unloaded, headed to carrabas for dinner, came back then swam.

[me, anna, and abbie]

saturday: rise and shine, marco island time. yeah...so once again we packed up and moved out. this time, destination: tigertail beach. our beach house is literally 3 houses away from the parking lot... plus there is a little canal out back where the boys go fishing and a screened in pool so we can swim at night; bug free. we beached it all day [including walking down the beach to the mariott hotel/resort where us kids met up with the Aponte's-friends of ours-swam in the pool there and then were escorted back], ate grouper sandwhiches for dinner, then fell asleep early.

sunday: ahhh today. today was beautiful. i woke up wicked early. im talking like 7am early...really for no reason at all. i peeked out the window at the awesome sunrise and decided to go take some pictures. i then got on the phone and woke corey up b/c i fell asleep early the night before and hadn't talked to him in a long time. he didnt mind at all. [at least i dont think....ahaha] then the family started slowly waking up, i decided to work on some meteorology homework and eat some kashi [yum!]...then we had a mini-bible study [dad said you cant take a vacation from god...haha] and then we headed to the beach again. i spent all day in the water...then went grocery shopping at publix [with the "ladies"] so we could have a little cookout for dinner. [hamburgers...blech!...yeah i made a chicken salad]...my dad's sister and her family [herself-jen, my uncle brian, noah, benjamin and olivia] also came from MA and their plane arrived right around dinner....so we ate up, then went to one of my favorite places....coldstone creamery. i got coffee icecream with oreo cookie inside...it was pretty much amazing.

[i know a lot of these pics arent the greatest but the laptop i'm on isnt mine so i just stored a few on here and for some of them they are taken through the car window. believe me, i already have about 800 pictures....so my flcikr will FINALLY be getting "fed" soon....]

when we got home becca, anna, abbie and i decided to go for a walk. it lasted about 10 minutes...then the bugs started eating us alive, so we came home. then i decided to teach the little girls some yoga moves. we had fun although anna quit and abbie said she was going to be sore tomorrow. after yoga, i decided to swim in the pool and my little brothers [dale and nate] decided to join in the fun. we played a little bit of "keep it up" with the ball until we were bored and got out.

well....im starting to get tired finally. i think ill give "the boy" a call, then pass out. i will let you all know when my flickr is updated.