28 June 2007

when tomorrow comes

ill be flying to marco island.
one week of beach. palms. sunshine.
one week of no school. no work. no stress.
one week of...separation

i will miss him.
a lot.

right now i am trying to update my ipod but it keeps saying its rebooting. well its been rebooting for the past 30 minutes...and its still going.

the office is on in a few. i think ill watch it while i'm waiting for this thing to update.

i'm bringing my laptop to marco so i will update when i can...especially with pictures.

au revoir for now.

24 June 2007

and it was exactly what i needed to hear.

he said i wasn't a waste.
that my life wasn't a waste.
what i am doing isn't a waste.

interpretations may vary...this i know. and my father's will be different than mine. it's destined that way. but now i know.

i'm doing alright.