14 June 2007

oh glorious.

another lovely day of sunshine and happiness. my last day of freedom for a little over a week. this is what my future looks like for the next few...

thursday: off [oh thank heaven!]
friday: 8-whenever we get done [i work at the salvation army's day camp...orientation day] afterwards 4-close at sams clun
saturday: 7-noon at sams; 1-5 at school [so much for an "online" meteorology class]
sunday: church then work at sams 2-close
monday: 7-5 at the salvation army day camp then 5-close at sams
tuesday: the same as monday
wednesday: salvation army then bible study
thursday: salvation army
friday: salvation army
saturday: FINALLY A DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!

sooooooooo......today i am going to relax in the sunshine...lay in the sand....listen to the waves brisk across the rocks...

then this evening i want to create something...i dont know...im in the painting mood...and sewing mood...i have some new canvas that needs some color so maybe ill start there...

but first...i do believe a cup 'o tea and bowl of salad is calling me.


12 June 2007

and then we kissed.

yesterday was great fun. the boy and i decided to go visit our newlywed friends, caisee and danny at their new apartment in birmingham. oh! the town is lovely. i wish i could had stayed longer, but reality called us back home. for dinner we went to this place called the soup man. it was delicious and rather cheap too! for $5.25 i got a cup of broccoli and cheese, a little loaf of wheat bread, an orange and piece of chocolate. it was quite delightful. afterwards we walked around town a bit then we managed to make our way to coldstone to get some mmm mmm ice cream. corey and i shared a "gotta love it" peanut butter with oreo....yum! another favorite place of mine that we decided to journey to was...

oh yes yes yes boys and girls....anthropology. and ofcourse i had to make a purchase. i bought this cute little bowl...i ate my kashi in it this morning [speaking of which...i ran out of soy milk! i dont know what ill do in the morning....looks like ill have to go shopping early!!!!]

after good friends and good fun it was time for us to go seeing that we had over an hour drive home and corey had class today and i had to work...however our quick trip home got a little distracted and well...lets just say....we had to take a "detour"...

when leaving birmingham we took the wrong exit [towards flint....not detroit like we should have] and well...needless to say, we sat in the car a little longer than planned. honestly i didnt mind though. i was with my best friend in the whole wide world and we were singing along to old songs while the sunset and having a good time. i love that kid.
eventually we made it home. we said our goodbyes. i dreamt of us. and the moments that keep quickly approaching us. the very moments that make me want to wake each morning.
well... its getting late. i planned on sleeping early tonight but i guess it wont come unless i try.

11 June 2007

good morning starshine, the earth says hello.

what better way to spend your morning, than with a tastey bowl of go lean crunch [kashi] and chocolate soy milk...mmmm.

today will be a day of adventure. first off, i have to work on my online-work for my meteorology class then if it stays warm i'm meeting up with corey so we can go to the beach. afterwards, we'll go home and clean up, then i believe we are gonna go visit caisee and danny and see their new apartment. they want to take us to birmingham, which is totally exciting me since i've never gone.

ohhh how i love the beach. i will be sure to take lots of pictures today.

i need to get off of here and do my homework...or else it will be a downward spiral like last night!


10 June 2007

and i just posted.

but oh well. i can do that.

so meteorology is what i should be doing. but instead im surfing the web...i'm in a very creative mood tonight. i want to whip out my piants, sewing machine, camera and piano all at once and just go. i am also very tired. so instead ill just keep surfing.

i am truely excited about sarah jessica parker's new clothing line "bitten"...i just found out about it and it makes me smile...apparently nothing is over $20. wow.

oh....i should sleep.

and so it begins.

a better place to pour out my heart to you.