11 December 2007

i am worn.

things with deep creases never iron out right.


Anonymous said...

hey! i was planning on doing a little christmas shopping at Somerset on Friday (pay day haha) if you're not busy and would like to join me for a while that would be awesome! If you can come down this way and don't want to drive all the way to Somerset we could meet at Lakeside. ALSO though, Danny and I are coming into Port Huron Friday night sometime, if its not too late we could all do something. Maybe watch a movie at my house? I have to make cookies on Saturday for the million people I have to send them to, ok, for the one family I am sending them to.. but after I don't really have anything going on... So yeah, as you can see the whooooole weekend works for me and even the beginning of next week too if that works better for you! So lemme' know which days you're available and we can go from there!

Anonymous said...

i can totally relate to the gas issue. i'm in the same boat! so to save ya money, do you wanna' just get together friday night? we can watch a movie and hang out or something! that always sounds good to me and i'm sure my family would be happy to see ya too, my mom was telling me the other day i need to have you and corey over again because they all miss you guys. haha so if friday night works better for you that sounds good to me!

lost teeth said...

hope everything is alright, darling :)