13 December 2007

and they always call me sunshine.

"..i broke something and realized i should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is..." [10.29.85w/lovemisterwarhol]

thank you life for the simple things.

the kindness of mere strangers. just the thought of knowing youre on someones mind. the warmness of a smile.

it makes everything worth it


lost teeth said...

gosh this time of year can be oddly stressful! i always wish for more time to accomplish the handmade things but it never seems to work out. halo and i did get a tree though and decorating is always fun! thanks for the compliment about my art, i appreciate it, and hang in there!

c.montgomery said...

yes! we are still on for tonight! sorry i didn't call you back, i was about to then i was like, 'hmmm maybe i should check and see how many more minutes i have left' and well, i don't have any! so that could've been interesting, but yes we are still on, do you guys wanna' come over around 9:30? I know its late, but that was a safe time for us getting into town! so if 9:30 sounds good to you guys then awesome! i was going to rent 'license to wed' ariel said it was sweet and i don't know of anything else out.. so i will see you tonight! yay!

c.montgomery said...

hey hey, yep i photoshopped that picture. Just a little and I wanted to give it an older appearence so I added a bit of red and yellow. (color balance) going toward the sepia direction. see you tonight! i'm excited!!

c.montgomery said...

hey there! hope you have a very merry christmas! see ya soon!

love ya, miss ya!

c.montgomery said...

I miss you too! You're my shopping partner too! We'll have to do a little shopping or something here soon! Our holiday is going good, its been pretty crazy at our house.. my aunt and uncle are here from South Carolina and they have two little kids so its been busy. Oh and my cousin Kyle who is 6 is claiming Danny is his new best friend and he follows him around and stuff. I think its great. How's your vacation with your family goin'?? Take pictures! Anywho, I will see ya soon! Have a Merry Christmas! <3

c.montgomery said...

hey when are you coming home? if you guys aren't busy on new years eve you should come over to my house and hang out.. and eat junk food.. of course. lemme' know when you get home and if you're busy, i miss ya!! hope you had a great christmas and of course, a safe trip home.