19 October 2007

the sweet sigh of relief.

last night i went to a show. the first show since heirs "retired"....r.i.p. my friend chad's [the ex-lead singer from heirs] new band, manna and quail [a band i already absolutely loved...that he joined as of recently...after moving back from texas] so anyway, corey and i went to tap our toes and support our dear friend. i took pictures, which i will post probably later tonight once i'm on my computer.

today i went to visit stephanie. she is now a teacher, my sweet sweet sister [for those who dont know, she is actually of no relation, but we've been together since the cosmos were created...haha]. we went to spicer's orchard. i took more pictures, we ate a cider-mill doughnut and then went to target. haha.

the leaves. the sprinkling rain. and the pumpkins. im beginning to enjoy fall like never before.

as i promised, i will be back....baring pictures.

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