15 October 2007

feng shui.

i must admit that moving my room around brings joy to my life. there is something about leaving it in the same way for too long that really starts to annoy me. call it ocd, whatever. i'm not quite sure.....but i feel almost "renewed" when i move it. plus, i seem to find cool things that i have lost since the last move, like my black eyeliner. haha. fall season....i almost went to buy another, and i all i needed to do was rearrange my room.
i know these past few posts seem rather shallow and lame, but honestly, i feel that every person needs a moment to just shut off their brains and concentrate only on the simplistic things. especially when you are constantly going, going, going all the time. you seem to miss all of that......

well i better get going. i have an hour and a half drive to saginaw for class.


lost teeth said...

so funny i was laying in bed friday thinking i need to rearrange my room pronto, it was driving me crazy. maybe i will follow your lead and actually do it! hope things are going well with you :)

Anonymous said...

most of my posts are kind of pointless and shallow. I just ramble on about things or just post pictures. haha i miss you! hey so since you and corey wanted to get together on the 2nd of November, that works out really well, because we can all hang out at Somerset or wherever and you guys can actually follow us back to Port Huron, that way you take the right highway and don't have the stress of being in an unfamiliar place at night. We'll be going to Port Huron later that night anyway because my mom's b-day is the next day. ANYWAY wow, my comments alway turn into they huge novels. I am sorry, hahaha. I will talk to ya lata!