08 September 2007

this is what i did instead of homework.

straight to the boys email. oh i love him.


Anonymous said...

i love these pictures!!!! the colors of the one on the bottom are like perfect! Did your camera do that on its own or did you photoshop it?? Love 'em and I'm sure Corey did too. :o) I think Danny and I might be coming into town this weekend, if you guys aren't busy we should do something!

Anonymous said...

actually that works out perfectly, danny wanted to go to dinner before we went to PH so we would probably be getting into town a little late anyways! but yeah like a movie and coffee sounds AMAZING i have been in the mood for both. so just let me know a good time and we'll figure it out! see ya lata!

Anonymous said...

ok so i had a BLAST last night, i have never seen you so hyper, hahaha! i was laughing so hard i was crying, it was great! anywho, hope ya had a grand ol' time in class today. i will see ya lata!