27 August 2007

saved by the bell.

5th year college professional should be added to every statement made about me. yes...today started what will be my 5th year of college...and no, im not done yet.
my family made it home from our lovely trip to MA safely [sorry...i still promise you boston pics!] just in time for fall classes to begin. i am not looking forward to homework for the next 4 months...no way jose.
my work schedule changed as well...now i work mornings. so today i worked from 8 to 1ish then drove an hour and a half to saginaw [thank god i only have to do this on mondays!!! all my other classes are right in town]
my class seems pretty cool...its about dialect and the english language...i have a project coming up so i might post a survey about american slang across the globe [and for those of you who actually read this...maybe you can help me out]
i am just waiting for my sister to get out of class then we can head back home...this is going to be a loooooong semester, thats for sure!


Anonymous said...

i think danny and i are coming into port huron on saturday sometime... are you doing anything saturday evening/night?? i might be in town sooner, it depends on if Speedshape gives me a schedule. anywho have fun with those classes 5th year college student. ;o) danny went for 5 years too... so you're not completely alone!!

Melissa said...

If your feeling dumb to be 5th year senior don't cuz I will be too starting next week! might even be 6... how awesome is that?! lol i miss you dani!! This sucks that we haven't been able to get together this whole summer!!! :( and this fall is just going to be even crazier!! hope everything is going well for you and that your feeling better I know you've been sick :( ttys I hope!