28 August 2007

no matter how real it looks...its just plastic.

is it possible to feel completely immersed in life? not necessarily for good...or even in a bad way...just immersed. completely covered by a pooling glass of water where you can see the sunlight through its ripples...but no matter how hard you tread, how long you kick...its hard to imagine even holding your breath for just a moment longer?
sometimes i feel displaced from my body. where i can see myself always running but never living. never giving myself an opportunity to speak. speak without words. no mtter what i do, there is always this nagging thought inside of me...whispering dreams that have fallen to waste. i get scared that as the candles increase, i just might let too much slip by.
i hate the systematic, robotic life. always spinning. whirlpoooooooling. and does it ever really happen the way we scratch it out on our loose-leaf pages? hardly.

sing me a sweet melody...put my mind to ease.

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lost teeth said...

i feel the same way, increasingly lately. i just want to be in the moment. why is that so hard? hope you are well :)