21 August 2007

five for peace.

so today was quite fun. i started my morning out with a bowl of kashi [as usual] and great conversation. i am still in massachusetts visiting relatives, so i was trying to weasel out the daily plans from them. i'm the kind of girl who is usually spontaneous when either alone or with friends, but when it comes to spending time with my family, i like to know what we are doing first thing in the morning that way i can prepare for the day. we finally decided to head to north hampton [MA] to do some window shopping, picture taking and to eat some delicious vegan food...

[the vegan restaurant]

[tofu turkey on sunflower bread w/ veggie soup]

[livie, my aunt, my sister and g-ma]



[my sister and i being dorks]

[vintage games]


[we wanted ugly dolls]

[when i was trying to take this pic, a woman in a wheel chair came up to me and livie, stuck out her hand and said "five for peace"....it was quite the topic of conversation later. haha!]

[as we said goodbye to our afternoon]

thats all.....



lost teeth said...

hahaha how does one play "the barbie game"?!

lost teeth said...

thanks for the sweet comment! i hope you are still relaxin' and having fun with your family :)