28 July 2007

when wednesday comes, there will be singing.

i am so sick of my meteorology class. i used to love looking at the sky in wonder, but this class is sucking the mystery and fun right out of it. wednesday is the last day, thank god. the only problem is i am not even close to finishing all of my lab reports and online quizes...not to mention actually studying for the final. on top of that monday and tuesday i pull doubles [7:30-4:30 at the day camp; 5-10 at sam's...
...when wednesday comes around, i will be able to breathe. i be able to come one step closer to organizing my life a bit better. i have been so very stressed. speaking of stressed...tomorrow, after two years of heartache, rejection, happiness, tears, bands, loss of bands, friends, lack of friends, getting kicked out, being welcomed back, built-up walls, secrecy, holding hands, best friends, no family, regained family, tours, vacations, lonliness.....after two years of happiness and hell, corey will finally meet my family.
for those who dont know...this is a huge deal. i could dig deep into wounds and explain why it has taken so long.....but....later.

right now were off to eat some veggie pizza [mmmm....smackwater jacks!!!!]


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lost teeth said...

i too love wednesdays, because the work week is half over. good luck!