18 June 2007

a quickie.

the day camp started today.
then i worked at sams.

im extremely tired. tomorrow is the same except i work at 730.
my junior counselor is pretty sweet this year. he is actually a drummer for a band that ive never heard of but he used to love corey's band [ HEIRS ....for those of you who read AP mag, they were #2 unsigned band ] anywhoooooo...his friend is having manna and the quail play at some "fest" he is having in their backyard and i am pretty excited about that, seeing i only saw one of there shows and i absolutely wanted to be the keyboardist.

speaking of which, i started writing a new song. i like it a lot so far. hopefully i dont scrap it.....i just need some lyrics now.

oh gods of the creative juices, please let them flow!!!!!!

hahah. im a dork.....a sleepy dork. im going to bed.


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