14 June 2007

oh glorious.

another lovely day of sunshine and happiness. my last day of freedom for a little over a week. this is what my future looks like for the next few...

thursday: off [oh thank heaven!]
friday: 8-whenever we get done [i work at the salvation army's day camp...orientation day] afterwards 4-close at sams clun
saturday: 7-noon at sams; 1-5 at school [so much for an "online" meteorology class]
sunday: church then work at sams 2-close
monday: 7-5 at the salvation army day camp then 5-close at sams
tuesday: the same as monday
wednesday: salvation army then bible study
thursday: salvation army
friday: salvation army
saturday: FINALLY A DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!

sooooooooo......today i am going to relax in the sunshine...lay in the sand....listen to the waves brisk across the rocks...

then this evening i want to create something...i dont know...im in the painting mood...and sewing mood...i have some new canvas that needs some color so maybe ill start there...

but first...i do believe a cup 'o tea and bowl of salad is calling me.



lost teeth said...

whoa you are a busy bee! make some time for ice cream :) and thank you for the comment!

lost teeth said...

i use pencil and then color it digitally, or acyrlic paint. hope you are well :)