12 June 2007

and then we kissed.

yesterday was great fun. the boy and i decided to go visit our newlywed friends, caisee and danny at their new apartment in birmingham. oh! the town is lovely. i wish i could had stayed longer, but reality called us back home. for dinner we went to this place called the soup man. it was delicious and rather cheap too! for $5.25 i got a cup of broccoli and cheese, a little loaf of wheat bread, an orange and piece of chocolate. it was quite delightful. afterwards we walked around town a bit then we managed to make our way to coldstone to get some mmm mmm ice cream. corey and i shared a "gotta love it" peanut butter with oreo....yum! another favorite place of mine that we decided to journey to was...

oh yes yes yes boys and girls....anthropology. and ofcourse i had to make a purchase. i bought this cute little bowl...i ate my kashi in it this morning [speaking of which...i ran out of soy milk! i dont know what ill do in the morning....looks like ill have to go shopping early!!!!]

after good friends and good fun it was time for us to go seeing that we had over an hour drive home and corey had class today and i had to work...however our quick trip home got a little distracted and well...lets just say....we had to take a "detour"...

when leaving birmingham we took the wrong exit [towards flint....not detroit like we should have] and well...needless to say, we sat in the car a little longer than planned. honestly i didnt mind though. i was with my best friend in the whole wide world and we were singing along to old songs while the sunset and having a good time. i love that kid.
eventually we made it home. we said our goodbyes. i dreamt of us. and the moments that keep quickly approaching us. the very moments that make me want to wake each morning.
well... its getting late. i planned on sleeping early tonight but i guess it wont come unless i try.

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lost teeth said...

thank you for the comment! i too love coldstone and the beach! :)