13 December 2007

and they always call me sunshine.

"..i broke something and realized i should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is..." [10.29.85w/lovemisterwarhol]

thank you life for the simple things.

the kindness of mere strangers. just the thought of knowing youre on someones mind. the warmness of a smile.

it makes everything worth it

11 December 2007

24 November 2007

22 November 2007


first and foremost, happy thanksgiving everyone.
today i decided that rather than waiting until the new years to create some resolutions i am bound to break, i thought i would start early. i am a firm believer on being yourself. its a dog-eat-dog-plastic-barbie-emulating world out there and a clone is the LAST thing i want to be. i do, however, need some polishing up in the self-esteem department. for my post-turkey day resolutions, number one on my list would be taking a better outlook on life. do all, and be all. carpe diem. i need to see the happy side of things. to look for the good in people. to become...a "duck". let all of their negativity roll off my back rather than bog me down. i think seeing that half-full glass [as much as possible] will deplete a ton of stress. on my list, i must also include expanding the expression of my creativity. sometimes i feel like i just don't have enough time for it all. i want to go through life without regreting the small things like learning how to knit or how to bake an apple pie. another thing is to take better care of myself....as far as health goes. only the close know the struggles ive gone through with that issue. the ups and downs of the yo-yo. whether on the physical or mental side. starting NOW, i choose to become a better person. not that the "old-danielle" was not good enough....like i said i just wanna polish up. i dont want to change who i am...i want to glow. change lives. impact others.

now that i've got THAT off my chest...i was watching elf today. as i've mentioned before, i LOVE zooey deschanel. im not one to idolize after "famous people" but to me, she just seems like a ton of fun. i am actually excited b/c starting december 2nd on the sci-fi channel, she is going to be in a new series called "Tin Man". she was already in one of my favorite shows [besides the office], weeds! i just cant wait. her voice is also great. not to mention her style....but yeah enough about that, im gonna post some of my favorite pics of her. i cant believe my hair, its actually starting to look a lot like hers [not intentional]

well....i get to serve coffee at 5 am tomorrow....yes, im back at the coffee place again. whewwwwwww. super fun.

love with a capital L,
d a n i e l l e .

12 November 2007


i feel as though my inconsistancy has not only been a result of having no time, i have also not had anything quite interesting to talk about. if my days only consisted of more than school and work then maybe...but as for now, that is all that there is.
i can't believe the holidays are right around the corner. i discovered some wicked cute ornaments from anthropologie that i would like to emulate. [ http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?popId=HOLIDAY&navAction=poppushpush&navCount=24&pushId=H07_DECORATIONS&id=H07_DEC_ORNAMENTS ]
i went bowling last friday with some friends. chad [the one from corey's band] has a new girlfriend [as usual] and she had an awesome pair of boots on...i decided i need them.

i also decided that i need these:

19 October 2007

i keep my promises.

lets put on a show.

and then hang out with old friends.

the sweet sigh of relief.

last night i went to a show. the first show since heirs "retired"....r.i.p. my friend chad's [the ex-lead singer from heirs] new band, manna and quail [a band i already absolutely loved...that he joined as of recently...after moving back from texas] so anyway, corey and i went to tap our toes and support our dear friend. i took pictures, which i will post probably later tonight once i'm on my computer.

today i went to visit stephanie. she is now a teacher, my sweet sweet sister [for those who dont know, she is actually of no relation, but we've been together since the cosmos were created...haha]. we went to spicer's orchard. i took more pictures, we ate a cider-mill doughnut and then went to target. haha.

the leaves. the sprinkling rain. and the pumpkins. im beginning to enjoy fall like never before.

as i promised, i will be back....baring pictures.

15 October 2007

feng shui.

i must admit that moving my room around brings joy to my life. there is something about leaving it in the same way for too long that really starts to annoy me. call it ocd, whatever. i'm not quite sure.....but i feel almost "renewed" when i move it. plus, i seem to find cool things that i have lost since the last move, like my black eyeliner. haha. fall season....i almost went to buy another, and i all i needed to do was rearrange my room.
i know these past few posts seem rather shallow and lame, but honestly, i feel that every person needs a moment to just shut off their brains and concentrate only on the simplistic things. especially when you are constantly going, going, going all the time. you seem to miss all of that......

well i better get going. i have an hour and a half drive to saginaw for class.

14 October 2007


i cannot express how happy i am for my social studies methods class to be over with. that means no more student teaching or group work until next semester. one top of it, i now only have three classes. i have been so worn. worked to the bone. i just want to sleep all day long.

15 days until my birthday. 15 days until i am another year older.

honestly, i have nothing left to say...

26 September 2007


currently i sit, watching my not-quite-a-year-yet cousin crawl across my floor. he can almost walk. it seems like such a simplistic and natural thing, though its hard to believe at one time that was me, grasping onto table edges and my tiny legs wobbling to and fro. ironically, at times i feel as though i revert back to this stage in my life. going, going, going until i realize that i actually might fall down, i get scared and grip onto something secure as fast as i can. what if that security was never there? what if it simply fell beneath me? i know i've felt that. and fell hard. but heres is the thing, i never want to be in that state of fear again. why is it so difficult for some of us to be confident? its a human condition that i honestly cant fathom. like my little cousin, we even embrace this fear before we reach the age of one. if only we wouldnt hold back, then what great things could we honestly accomplish? im sure mountains could be moved. it sounds cliche, but really...if we allowed NOTHING to hold us back, tie us down, stunt our couriosty....what all could we do? amazing things. i'm sure of it.

a quick update as far as my life goes...

college is taking a toll out of me. like i said i am constantly moving. thank god we dont have to physically tell ourselves to breathe, or else i would have forgotten and be dead right now. as i may have mentioned before, i am taking 4 classes this semester [sounds easy right?...wrong] on mondays i drive to saginaw [1.5 hour drive both ways] for my american dialect class. its rather interesting, but i feel like i dont know quite where i stand grade-wise in the class. then tuesdays i have childrens literature. this is absolutely my favorite class i think. we read kids books and have fun with my estatic teacher. wednesdays i dont have class....so i finally get a day off. thursdays is my art class...its okay actually, at first i was excited but has no longer been fun or challenging...just time consuming mostly, and the teacher is dull so those 4-hour sessions go by very slow. now my friday/saturday class [yes, weekends] is absolutely INSANE. this is one of my first method courses for the teaching program. its the social studies one and we must do field work for it...which means that every friday morning i get to teach 3rd-graders at an elementary school for a few hours then drive back to the college (about a 30 minute drive or so) and sit in my social studies class til 8:30pm (UGH!!! so much for friday night) THEN on top of it all, i have to be back to school by 830am saturday morning for another 4-hours or so....oh yeah...did i fail to mention, im still working during all of this? so i guess i have a good excuse not to have updated in awhile, agreed?

i hope all is well with the rest of you. i promise to post some pictures as soon as i can. some of my lesson plans have some awesome artwork that i have created, so i will try to take pictures of them and post them.

oh! and i forgot. i've been cooking a ton lately. baking actually. god....hello jelly belly. hahaha.....but it all tastes so good!


17 September 2007

if thats not living large, then im happy living small.

so i must admit that as of lately i have been doing horrible in updating. if i had enough energy, i would spend the next half hour typing lines upon lines of words that most would just skim through anyway....so to make it short, i've been busy. school. work. life. its been quite hectic. all i want is a breath of fresh air...maybe soon. maybe.

28 August 2007

no matter how real it looks...its just plastic.

is it possible to feel completely immersed in life? not necessarily for good...or even in a bad way...just immersed. completely covered by a pooling glass of water where you can see the sunlight through its ripples...but no matter how hard you tread, how long you kick...its hard to imagine even holding your breath for just a moment longer?
sometimes i feel displaced from my body. where i can see myself always running but never living. never giving myself an opportunity to speak. speak without words. no mtter what i do, there is always this nagging thought inside of me...whispering dreams that have fallen to waste. i get scared that as the candles increase, i just might let too much slip by.
i hate the systematic, robotic life. always spinning. whirlpoooooooling. and does it ever really happen the way we scratch it out on our loose-leaf pages? hardly.

sing me a sweet melody...put my mind to ease.

27 August 2007

saved by the bell.

5th year college professional should be added to every statement made about me. yes...today started what will be my 5th year of college...and no, im not done yet.
my family made it home from our lovely trip to MA safely [sorry...i still promise you boston pics!] just in time for fall classes to begin. i am not looking forward to homework for the next 4 months...no way jose.
my work schedule changed as well...now i work mornings. so today i worked from 8 to 1ish then drove an hour and a half to saginaw [thank god i only have to do this on mondays!!! all my other classes are right in town]
my class seems pretty cool...its about dialect and the english language...i have a project coming up so i might post a survey about american slang across the globe [and for those of you who actually read this...maybe you can help me out]
i am just waiting for my sister to get out of class then we can head back home...this is going to be a loooooong semester, thats for sure!

23 August 2007

you're so muderous.

i awoke at 6:30am, almost in tears. definately afraid. as i may have mentioned before, i lost my mother exactly three years ago last sunday to breast cancer...but anyway, i had a nightmare last night that i lost my dad too. it wasn't to sickness though....he was shot. murdered. and i witnessed it. the scary thing is just a few years before my mother was even diagnosed [about 10yrs ago or so...] i had a dream that there was a driveby shooting [we live in a very nice neighborhood too ironically] and my mother was the only one who was shot. this frightens me. a lot. these past few years have been really rough between my father and i, especially when i moved out for a year. however, this past year [since i've moved back in] my relationship has strengthened almost 100%. one of the scariest parts of the nightmare was where i ended up having to care for my 3 younger siblings. it was honestly devastating. thank god it was only a nightmare.

i went to boston yesterday. i have been so busy since then i havent been able to get my pictures [yes, yes...almost 800 of them-no lie!] in order....ill try to post some later.

i am exhausted...


21 August 2007

five for peace.

so today was quite fun. i started my morning out with a bowl of kashi [as usual] and great conversation. i am still in massachusetts visiting relatives, so i was trying to weasel out the daily plans from them. i'm the kind of girl who is usually spontaneous when either alone or with friends, but when it comes to spending time with my family, i like to know what we are doing first thing in the morning that way i can prepare for the day. we finally decided to head to north hampton [MA] to do some window shopping, picture taking and to eat some delicious vegan food...

[the vegan restaurant]

[tofu turkey on sunflower bread w/ veggie soup]

[livie, my aunt, my sister and g-ma]



[my sister and i being dorks]

[vintage games]


[we wanted ugly dolls]

[when i was trying to take this pic, a woman in a wheel chair came up to me and livie, stuck out her hand and said "five for peace"....it was quite the topic of conversation later. haha!]

[as we said goodbye to our afternoon]

thats all.....